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New Moon Space Clearing

Posted on: September 27th, 2011 by healing_arts_admin
On this Libra new moon, I feel drawn to creating more balance in my life.  One of the best ways I know to have balance, for me, is to have my home and space clean and clear!  So I was doing some reading in my many Feng Shui books, about clearing clutter and space clearing.  And I read this great quote from Denise Linn, who wrote Sacred Space, my all time favorite Feng Shui guide: "When you clear your home, you are also clearing your life, for your home is a reflection of you.  Shifting your home's energy, changes your energy." It feels particularly good at these change of Seasons, Equinox time, to get your home prepared for the new abundance to flow in.  As I am saying this, there is sunlight pouring in my window and it feels amazing! With this change of season, we will be spending more time inside soon, so it's good to get your home ready for that, too. Start with removing what I call the easy clutter, junk mail, old magazines and newspapers, any old boxes.  Cleaning your space before doing the energetic space clearing will begin to shift the energy.  As you are cleaning up, set an intention, what do you want to accomplish in this room?  Do you want to create a space that inspires you, do you want more abundance, do you want to attract new love, would you like the space to feel more relaxing?  Put that intention in your mind as you clean.  You can say in your mind, "I want this kitchen to nourish me and create health.", "I'd like my bedroom to be peaceful,"  "I'd like my desk to be organized and inspiring," etc.  Once you have picked up the clutter and cleaned up, you are ready to begin the energetic space clearing. Ways to Energetically Clear a Space: Smudging:  There are a few different types of Smudging.  Native Americans traditionally used Sage bundles, which are available at many health food stores.  You light the tip (you can hold it over a candle for this).  You may want a metal bowl or shell under the sage to catch ashes.  It's always a good idea to smudge yourself, first.  From the top of your head downward let the smoke pour around you, clearing yourself.  Then walk through your house with a feather to fan the smoke outwards.  Smudge will clear out evil spirits, negative energy, negative emotions, anger, sickness and fear.   When you are finished, put the Smudge out in a bowl of sand or a potted plant, make sure it is extinguished.  I have an Abolone shell with sand for this purpose.  You can also burn Palo Santo Wood (Palo Santo is Spanish for Holy Stick), which is a sacred wood from Peru.  It comes in little sticks, which you light, then blow on it, to create a wonderful aromatic smoke that clears your space.  I have heard it said, Sage clears out where Palo Santo is more about bringing good things, good energy in.  I like Palo Santo because it goes out easily, I never feel like I'll set my house or spa on fire!  Another way to clear space with smoke is to burn incense. I highly recommend Shoyeido incense from Japan, there is one called Kyoto Autumn Leaves, that I just love this time of year. Sound Clearing:  Sound is a powerful space clearer!  Even clapping your hands can clear your space.  Once, I went to a housewarming party where we were told to bring some noisemaker, a drum, spoons, rattles, tambourine.  We had about 30 people walking through the house making noise, that will chase any old energy out!  I really love my Tibetan brass bowl for clearing space.   You can also use bells, chimes, drumming, or even the stereo!  Music and sound effectively clears a space. Salt Water:  mix 3 tablespoons sea salt in one cup of water, in a pretty bowl, then walk through the house and use your fingers to sprinkle the water throughout each room.  Remember to use your intentions here.  You can say something like, "I now release my past  limitations, clearing my way for a brighter future." Aromatherapy Spritzer:  Using an Aromatherapy Spritzer filled with Essential oils, witch hazel and water can do wonders for clearing a space.  Lavender is a great all purpose cleaner, anitbacterial, antimicrobial and clearing emotions.  I just created a spritzer of Cedar and Lemongrass which I misted in our bedroom closets to keep moths away.  Citrus spritzers are great for more energy and weight loss.  Ylang Ylang spritzer inspires romance, love and is an aphrodisiac.  You can really feel the energy shift instantly with Aromatherapy, this is my preferred method at the Spa. Crystals:  Some crystals are particularly good for clearing negative energy and also protection of a space.  Selenite is the best for this purpose, you can place it in the corners of a room and windowsills to create a protective grid around your room.  I love my Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp for clearing my space at home & at work.  It increases negative Ions which are so vital to our health. I just love the feeling of a clean, cleared home and office.  It feels like renewal. May your space be cleared and ready to receive the new energy of this new Moon, new Season!  Best wishes!    

Time for an Immune Boost!

Posted on: September 19th, 2011 by healing_arts_admin
I’ve already started to see my first massage clients coming in with cold bugs.  It’s time for my “Immune Boost” oil to promote well being at home, school and office.  As soon as the kids go back to school it seems the colds and flu season begins.  Then once they get all their Halloween candy coming up, their immunes seem to get weakened by this sugar fest & voila,  November is when the colds and flu really start flying!   Since I have a 4 year old myself, I just want to be ready for the virus onslaught coming soon.  This year I am prepared for the constant viral attacks that comes from clients coming to the Spa while sick, my son carrying all sorts of kid germs and my partner who is a School Teacher bringing home student germs. Our house seems like it is under constant threat of virus.  This year I am prepared with an Aromatherapy defense that is sure to fight off even the plague! It’s origins actually come from the days of Plague.  This blend of Aromatherapy Essential oils was once used by thieves to protect them when they were stealing goods off victims of the plague! Sure, what does he need with a Rolex watch, now that he’s died of the Plague?  How’s that for Halloween imagery?  Amazingly, the thieves who wore this blend of oils would not catch the Plague and it became an Aromatherapy legend. I’m calling my latest Aromatherapy blend: “Immune Boost.”  It contains Clove, Ravensara, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Lavendar, Orange, Ginger Grass, Lemongrass, Cinammon, Oregano and Basil in a base of pure organic Jojoba and grapeseed oils.  These Organic, Therapeutic grade essential oils are well known for their Anti-viral, Anti-microbial, Anti-Fungal, Anti-bacterial and all around Germ Busting properties!  It truly does protect, prevent and cure cold and flu viruses.  I have had amazing results with this blend for myself, my clients and my family over the years.  I am selling it at the Spa in a small oil vial or spritzer, which is convenient to carry in your purse or pocket. How to use Immune Boost Oil: You can use the oil like you would hand sanitizer, just rub into your palms anytime you have been somewhere with potential virus germs like the grocery store, school, park, airport, mall, etc. If you do get a cold, you can use this same oil blend by putting a few drops in a pan of hot water over the stove to steam and release your sinuses. You can rub it on your chest and feet before bed, this works amazing.  A Doctor actually confirmed that putting Eucalyptus on the bottoms of your feet works wonders because you have so many receptors there, the Eucalyptus goes directly into the body.  I have found it to be a miracle cure for a cough and safe for children. You can put a few drops in a warm Epsom Salt bath, do this before bed because it is so relaxing.  Immune Boost in a Spritzer Bottles I will also have spritzer bottles of the Immune Boost, which are great for clearing spaces and yourself of germs with a spray mist.  Children particularly like the spritzer bottles.  I find it sometimes a struggle to get my son to use hand sanitizer, but he loves to give himself a spritzer mist. Here are other things to keep in mind, to keep viruses away this Fall-Winter (which may last until next August, sadly).  Always spray clean those objects you handle everyday with immune boost spritzer, like keys, phones, wallet, door handles.  Studies have shown that Cell Phones have as many germs as toilets these days, yuck…You can use Immune Boost spritzer to safely clean and sanitize your phone. I mist my pens at my desk because everyone uses them.  Wash your hands frequently, everyone knows this.  Did you also know gargling with mouthwash at the end of the day can prevent colds, many colds start in our mouth as germs.   On a Macrobiotic level, it is said that we should begin cooking our foods starting in September.  This is the time to eat warm, nourishing foods, less raw foods.  Start drinking warm herbal teas and less cool drinks. If you inevitably do catch a cold, always remember you can come in for a cupping treatment and a Eucalyptus/Ravensara Massage, sure to kick that cold right out. Studies have shown that a massage a month increases our Natural Killer cells, which helps fight infections, viruses and cancer.  I do ask that you refrain from getting massage when you have a fever because that is when you truly are the most contagious.  So be considerate, stay home, don’t get your work-mates sick and enjoy a little extra rest.  The better you are at letting yourself take it easy when you are sick, the fewer repeat attacks you will have throughout the season. May you have a healthy, happy Fall Season.

Distance Reiki can help you get your Dream Job!

Posted on: September 15th, 2011 by healing_arts_admin
Distance Reiki can help you land your dream job! With so many people out of work these days, the job market has gotten increasingly competitive. Wouldn’t you like some competitive edge that puts your Resume ahead of the next guy? How about infusing your Resume with some distance Reiki energy to set you apart? I first got started on this path when my partner was looking for a job, in a very competitive field. We decided to put Reiki around his Resumes. He was selected to interview and later was told his Resume was one of 1400! Wow! Then a second job opportunity came up, he was interviewed for another position and told his Resume was one of 876. Of course he had the skills and education, but sometimes you need a little luck just to get yourself in the door. Then we sent distance Reiki to the job interviews, too. With distance Reiki you can pick the exact moment you want to send the energy or just infuse the situation with Reiki generally. Well, he landed both jobs! Since that time, I have had several clients out of work who ask me to send Reiki to their Resumes, interviews and situations. The results have really surprised me every time. Of course you don’t always get what you want, but you do get what you need, as the Stones would say. What is meant for you, will not pass you by and if it passes you by, it just wasn’t meant for you. I truly believe this motto. If you are interested in having distance Reiki infused into your Resume, job interview or situation, I am offering a recession special right now, where you can purchase a 30 minute Reiki session for $58.00 to be used for your job qwest. (Usually Distance Reiki is $98, so this is a savings of $40!) If you would like to purchase online, just go to my store & pick 30 minute Reiki session, then e-mail me all the details of what you want distance Reiki sent to. dreamjobreikiresume    

Reiki Classes begin in Queen Anne

Posted on: September 11th, 2011 by healing_arts_admin
I just completed my first REIKI 1 class @ Queen Anne Healing Arts. It was so sunny we decided to take the class outside to nearby Rodgers Park for part of the day. The energy was strong with the Full Moon Pisces looming (put me in the zone as I'm a Pisces Moon) All of the students received a series of Attunements to be able to give Reiki. It is such a powerful transformation to receive a Reiki Attunement. This begins a 28 day cycle of healing and detoxification for each of the students. The Reiki energy will now be in their hands, at their access, for the rest of their lives. A Reiki class truly is a gift of lifetime healing. Then students learned techniques to do self healing with Reiki. This is such a great way to fill your well, when you are a bodyworker. It has really kept me inspired as a Massage therapist, to be able to heal myself (as the saying goes "Healer, heal thyself"). This is also important for Nurses, Hospice Workers, Social Workers and really everyone needs to fill their well in this day and age. Next we did traditional Reiki Hand Positions for giving a full Reiki session. Each student received Reiki from 4 Reiki practitioners, it was a deeply healing time for all. Some really big healing breakthroughs happened, I'm always amazed by the power of Reiki. Students left with Reiki in their hands, their Reiki Handbook & a whole new outlook on healing. I am so excited for their new Reiki futures. It feels like Reiki classes make the world just a little bit brighter, knowing that each student will be spreading more positive energy and light. Thank you to all my wonderful students today, who made this first Reiki 1 class a wonderful success! I hope to see some of you in the future, maybe in a Reiki 2 class. If you are interested in learning Reiki, too, the next class date is 10/8/11 & there's a class 10/10/11 especially designed for bodyworkers, with many more classes to follow. AMTA members receive a discount with early registration:

Chinook Book features Massage Spa as Sustainable

Posted on: September 1st, 2011 by healing_arts_admin
It’s September. This month the Seattle Chinook Book comes out, which will feature a 25% off coupon for Queen Anne Healing Arts, to be used on any massage or Reiki services. Chinook Book, is a green media company that focuses on sustainable businesses. They have just started including Massage Spas in their green coupon book. It got me thinking about how incredibly sustainable a Massage Spa truly is! Id argue Massage Spa businesses are far more sustainable than most of the businesses featured. A sustainable business, or green business, is an enterprise that has no negative impact on the global or local environment, community, society or economy (Wikipedia). It supplies environmentally friendly products or services. Massage is an environmentally friendly service plus we use only Organic, food grade oils and products. Massage has a positive impact on the community, making the world a better place one massage at a time. Just think how much nicer you feel after a massage. Another green aspect of Massage is the limited use of electricity to fuel a Spa. 2 years ago there was a series of power outages on Queen Anne, during the day. I was still able to offer massage, as regularly scheduled, by just lighting a few more candles. Sure, we couldn’t have hot, steamy towels from the electric cabi or Hot Stones from the crock-pot. We had to use extra blankets for warmth with no heater. Other than that it was business as usual with no electrical power at all! I’d say that’s sustainable. Also, when setting up my Massage Spa, I used 85% recycled goods from Re-Store, I made my outdoor sign from an old door, which I painted & then used metal anchors & wood for a stand. It has really held up in our tough Seattle winters, much better than the plastic A-frames you see everywhere. My shelving all came from bamboo hardwoods that had once been tables in a Thai restaurant. My desk was fashioned of scrap metal, re-used bamboo and a lovely recycled stone from Designed by Chris Munford of Bedrock fame & made by Josh Levine. My chairs came from re-store, too, I just re-upholstered them with beautiful fabrics from Nancy’s in Seattle. It’s so fun and inspiring to figure out how you can use old stuff to make something new and beautiful. I try to be as sustainable in every business decision I make. When it’s sunny I like to dry my massage laundry on a clothesline (Solar Power) I use only biodegradable soaps, non allergenic soaps such as BioKleen or CountrySave. I encourage my clients to use hand towels & washcloths instead of paper towels in the bathroom. I have teacups and glassware for drinking or compostable cups when clients want to take their drink to go. I only buy products from green, sustainable businesses, using local, Seattle companies like Purple Haze Lavender and Sweet Beauty creams. It’s easy being green as a Massage Spa!

Recycled Desk @ Queen Anne Healing Arts SpaSustainable Laundry PracticesRecycled Sign (door)

Solar Powered L:aundry

recycled door becomes a Sign

recycled door as sign

Thank you Chinook Book for recognizing that Massage is sustainable.

Queen Anne Healing Arts is Live at last!

Posted on: September 1st, 2011 by healing_arts_admin
Thank you to the great team at SCCC for creating this wonderful website for my Massage Spa! Linda, Fred, Carlos & Jamie, you guys rock! Mike Sinkula, you must have taught them well. You guys far exceeded my expectations & I'm already loving the online scheduling (I just got a text while I'm typing this that another regular client scheduled online, hugely popular already.) I couldn't wait to use the Blog, so thanks Linda for hooking me up. I think I am going to enjoy this site for years to come... May you all prosper in your web design businesses!