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Fertility Acupressure ~ Spleen 6

Posted on: April 30th, 2012 by healing_arts_admin
My Fertility Acupressure Video is now available for purchase to download in my store: Fertility Acupressure Acupressure is a technique that has been used for over 5 thousands years, to heal the body. What is great about Acupressure is that you have every tool you need to apply it and it can be done anywhere. I have snuck in Acupressure points while in meetings, in line at the grocery store or riding on a train to name a few ways. I have helped so many clients become pregnant using these potent Fertility Acupressure points, even clients who had been told they probably wouldn’t be able to.

Benefits of Fertility Acupressure:

• Regulate the Menstrual Cycle • Decrease heavy bleeding and ease painful periods • Inc•rease Blood circulation to the Uterus, Ovaries and Fallopian tubes to nourish reproductive organs. • Increase your energy, libido and appetite (feed and breed!) • Normalize hormone and endocrine systems vital to conception. • Treat Poycystic Ovarian Syndrome • Reduce fibroid tumors and scar tissue • Reduce infertility related stress and anxiety • Decrease risks of miscarriage • Improve your successful implantation with IVF • Even points for creating a beautiful child!

Acupressure is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Technique (TCM). In TCM, fertility issues can be attributed by blockages of “Qi”(pronounced chee), translated as vital life energy. This Qi flows in and around the body like rivers, which we call meridians. In a perfectly healthy body the Qi flows smoothly, but for most of us there may be some stagnation or blocks in the flow. Acupressure addresses these blocks and helps the Qi flow better. We have a similar understanding of energy, when we say things like, “Oh I just don’t have any energy today” or “I put so much energy into it.” This energy is vital to reproduction; the body will not seek to reproduce when your energy is not flowing. This is why Acupressure Self-Massage is particularly beneficial for Women’s Health issues, such as PMS, amenorrhea, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, fibroids and increasing fertility (especially over 40). With Infertility, there may also be an imbalance of yin/yang energies or the Wu Xing (which is the 5 phases of elements including earth, water, fire, wood and metal). You don’t need to know what this all means to gain results from Fertility Acupressure! Just know that by using the acu-points in my video, you will regain balance and your Qi will flow better. Then you will return to a healthy, functioning body, which is your natural birthright. If you apply the Fertility Acupressure points learned in this video you will be regulating your hormones, stimulating stronger ovulation and increasing blood flow to your reproductive organs.

It’s not just the Reproductive organs that can be related to infertility. It may also be stagnation of the liver. If you suffer from PMS, mood swings that include anger, irregular cycles, headaches before your period or low energy you may have liver stagnation. You could benefit from the Castor oil packs to cleanse toxins from your body assisting the liver. Fertility Acupressure points will also remove toxins from your blood flow and nourish your liver. In the Fertility Acupressure Video & E-Book, you will learn Acupressure Points you can do during your Follicular and Luteal phase of your menstruation. I highly recommend that you chart your cycle. One charting software I have enjoyed is found @ If there was only one Fertility Acupressure point you could do, I would recommend Spleen 6! Spleen 6 Fertility Acupressure Point Location is 3 inches above anklebone, in the depression behind the tibia.  This is a primary Spleen point that relates to all manners of Gynecological, sexual, urinary, blood energy and nourishment issues.   If this point caves in when you press on it, that indicates blood depletion, low energy, menstrual irregularities.  How much it caves in & how long it caves in will indicate the level of depletion. This point can be used during the Follicular Phase of a women’s cycle to increase fertility.  This is a great point during your menstrual cycle, it can get rid of cramps on the spot!  It also improves your appetite and libido, as I always say, "feed and breed!"  Once you are pregnant, you should no longer use this point as it is also used to induce labor. Spleen 6

Spleen 6 Fertility Acupressure Point

      About the Author: Terri Sandusky is a Licensed Massage Practitioner in Seattle, WA. She graduated from Brenneke School of Massage in 1999. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology & Women’s Studies from CSU,Chico. She has advanced training in Acupressure, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acutonics from Bastyr University. She has worked with hundreds of clients who were trying to conceive, using acupressure techniques to increase fertility. She was inspired by this to write a manual she could give to her clients and to the world! Here are some products I have found helpful for Fertility: Name Your Link  

Castor Packs for Fertility!

Posted on: April 23rd, 2012 by healing_arts_admin
    Ah Spring, smelling those sweet cherry blossoms always makes me think of Fertility!  I thought this would be a good time to share how to do a simple Castor Pack to increase your chances of conceiving. More information like this will be available soon in my E-book Fertility Acupressure available on my website and on Amazon this Summer. Please remember while Castor Packs are safe to do at home, they are extremely detoxifying!  You will want to drink lots of water the next day to help your liver process, maybe take an Epsom Salt bath the next day.  When you are trying to conceive only do Castor Packs during the Follicular Phase of your cycle (from day 1 of your period until you ovulate about 1st 14 days).  Just do 1-2 Castor Packs during this time, if you get over zealous, you may make yourself sick!

Castor oil Pack for Fertility

Castor oil pack is one of the most effective treatments you can do at home to increase your own fertility.  A castor pack is used over the abdomen and uterus to increase blood flow to the Uterus and move lymphatic fluid. Castor packs are especially beneficial for women with endometriosis, fibroids, polysystic ovary syndrome (POS), blocked fallopian tubes and heavy menstrual periods.  The castor oil relieves congestion and inflammation to the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes.  It also detoxifies the liver, improves metabolism and digestion.  The liver affects conception because it affects hormone metabalism and regulates blood sugar levels.  Castor oil can be used for scar tissue in the pelvic region, where there may have been any surgery or c-section. Castor oil therapy can reduce adhesions, loosening up masses, such as fibroids or cysts. It also pulls toxins out, when toxins enter the blood stream, they can potentially cause free radical damage, inflammation, and DNA damage. If the liver cannot detox efficiently, environmental chemicals are stored in the fat cells. This is one of the root causes of women's diseases like uterine fibroids, endometriosis, breast cysts, glucose imbalances, thyroid problems, etc. All of these conditions, as you can see, ultimately lead to fertility issues of some sort. Castor oil therapy is a simple way to address all of these conditions at once. Edgar Cayce was a pioneer in bringing Castor Oil Packs to the world.  Since his time, scientific studies have shown that Castor oil packs can boost the immune system by increasing the number of lymphocytes, increase blood circulation and increase fertility. Pure food grade Castor oil is antimicrobial, antibacterial, healing and detoxifying.  This brings me to a valid point, you want a good quality Castor oil, look for brands such as “The Heritage Store” who produces Organic, pure cold pressed Castor oil that is Hexane free.  Some of the Castor oils you find in drugstores or grocery stores are not therapeutic grade and not effective.  Most Castor oil found in health food store is therapeutic.

Castor Pack Contraindications:

Though Castor packs are very mild, there are times when they should be avoided. Do not use just after any pelvic surgeries, if you have broken skin.  Castor packs should not be used at the beginning of your menses or just after Ovulation, if you are trying to conceive.  Once you are pregnant, stop using Castor packs.  Do not use while breastfeeding because it is such a powerful detoxifier.  If you have any serious illness or disease, best to check with your Doctor or Naturopath before beginning a Castor Pack regimen.  

How to make your Castor Oil Pack


What you will need:


1 bottle Therapeutic Food grade Castor Oil

  Flannel Fabric

(strips from an old sheet or a pillow case.)

Heating Pad, hot water bottle or bucky pillow

Towels you don’t care about/rags

Saran Wrap or large plastic bag


You may find directions for Castor packs that includes soaking the flannel in Castor oil, I always found that to be a huge mess and if it becomes difficult, you just won’t do it regularly, so I prefer to massage my abdomen with a generous amount of Castor oil. Make sure to cover the entire abdomen and pelvic area. Then make nice circular motions around the abdomen, let it be enjoyable. The towels are nearby because Castor oil is sticky stuff.  You will want to wipe your hands after.  Place a little more Castor Oil on after your massage.  Next you place the flannel fabric, either cut square from an old sheet or I like to use a pillow case, it’s just the right size.  Put the flannel over your entire abdomen and uterus. Next you can put a strip of plastic, this will really seal in the heat, but it’s not truly necessary, I have done without this step and it’s fine.  After the strip of plastic place a thin towel (like a cotton flour sack towel). Next place your heating pack, either a hot water bottle, an electric heating pad or I love to use my bucky pillow.  I made my own buckwheat pillow using a medium sized pillow case, which I filled with buckwheat groats (found in the bulk section of any health food store for about 99 cents a lb).  Then I sewed up the open end & voila heating pad.  I put it either in the microwave or oven to heat up, it stays warm for over an hour. Which is exactly how long you want to sit with your Castor Oil Pack in place, one hour!  I like to do this at night as I’m going to bed, then I lay there for an hour with the warm pack, listening to the radio or reading a book. It’s very soothing. When you are ready to go to sleep, just take off the flannel and heating pad, the oil has probably soaked into your skin by now.  Be careful not to wear your favorite clothes just after a Castor Pack because the oil can stain.   How often should you do Castor Oil Packs? I recommend my clients to do Castor packs 2 times a cycle for a few months before trying to conceive.  I have had miraculous stories where a client conceived the night after she did her very first Castor Oil Pack (they had been trying to conceive for over six years!)  Everyone’s experience is unique.  It depends how much blockage you may have or varying lengths of time to prepare your body to conceive.  If you are using Castor Oil Packs at the same time you are trying to get pregnant, you only really have about 10 days out of the month to do them, right? Because you don’t want to do it at the beginning of your menstruation and you don’t want to do it after you have just ovulated if you are trying.  So in that case I would do a Castor Oil Pack every night I could from say day 4 or 5 of your cycle (if you’re not bleeding heavily) to the day you ovulate around day 14, just to maximize the effects.  If you do more than 3 days in a row, you may feel nauseas as so many toxins are released. Once you have had intercourse to try & conceive STOP using the Castor Packs until after you have your period.  DO NOT DO CASTOR PACKS WHEN YOU ARE PREGNANT! THEY ARE TOO DETOXIFYING!!!

Castor oil pack to increase fertility

  Castor oil packs are a safe, effective treatment as it softens the abdominal muscles, nourishes the Uterus, brings fresh blood to the fallopian tubes, bowels and internal organs. Because it is so detoxifying, you may experience some adverse side effects, like nausea or malaise.  The intensity and duration of these side effects will depend on how much toxins are in your body.  If it is bothersome, of course quit the Castor packs and give your body time to assimilate.   You should definitely quit doing Castor packs when you are pregnant, but Castor oil can be useful in different ways when you are pregnant. I had the perfect Pilates core when I got pregnant, I had worked hard to get those firm abs! My doula said my abdominal muscles were actually too tight, that it could cause problems for labor (women have actually torn their abdominal wall if it is too tight).  So she recommended at 4 months for me to massage my belly with Castor oil, again to soften the muscles, I did this about once a week.  Bye bye Pilates abs forever!  It was worth it though, for a better labor.  You can also use Castor oil to massage the Perineum region beginning around 7 months, to prevent tearing during labor. Here are some products you might find helpful for your Castor oil pack (Heritage is my favorite Castor oil, food grade, hexane free, a brand you can trust!)      

Reiki Garden

Posted on: April 18th, 2012 by healing_arts_admin

Reiki Garden

I am an avid gardener in the Northwest, which can be somewhat challenging at times due to rain, rain, rain and limited amounts of sunshine.  You learn to start your tomatoes indoors in a southern exposure window or greenhouse in February for any chance of a tomato by August! Growing native crops is really your best bet. My most abundant NW native crops are blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, pears, potatoes, garlic, onions, artichokes, zucchini, pak choi, dino kale, ranier cherries, Scarlet runner beans, sugar snap peas and rainbow chard.  These are some of my favorites because they are so successful here.

blueberries harvested from Reiki Garden

  Yet I just can’t resist growing plants like beets, corn and tomatoes, which would really love to have more sun.  I’m always hopeful that this will be the sunny year they make it.  2007 was the last time I had a bumper crop of tomatoes, yet I keep trying.  Cherry tomatoes seem to do better in the Northwest. Now I have discovered a secret power for my plants, as potent as any fertilizer.  I give my plants Reiki!  Studies have shown that plants respond to talking to them.  I believe it.  I’d love to do a study on the power of Reiki to grow gardens because it has truly worked for me! When I transplanted a Trillium recently, it seemed traumatized (Trillium do not like being transplanted).  So I gave it some B-1 juice and talked to it about how honored I was to have it growing in my garden because “you are such a rare and beautiful species.”  The leaves began to perk up a bit.  Then I offered the plant some Reiki, holding my hands close to the leaves and flower.  It seemed to absorb it and I swear the white flower was shining with a golden light surrounding it!  The whole plant seemed to perk up and say, “Thank You, I am!”  As a bodyworker, I just love to garden, having my hands in soil and earth just seems to re-charge them with energy.  It’s easy to add Reiki to my Garden.  When I’m planting seeds I can easily hold my hand over the soil and seeds. Sometimes I will do the symbols I know from Reiki 2 class over my seeds or entire garden plot.  Then when I go out to water and weed, I just spend a few more minutes checking in with my plants and offering them Reiki.  It is such a peaceful meditation watching plants grow.  I feel like they fill my well as much as I give to them. If you are a Reiki practitioner, offer Reiki to your garden, houseplants or seedlings and see how they magically grow!  If you are gardener who doesn’t do Reiki, you may want to take a Reiki class so you can try this on your garden, it’s cheaper than fertilizer in the long run! Especially helpful for gardening in the Northwest! Some other tips I believe when gardening in the NW is to always buy seeds from local seed companies.  When you buy seeds that were grown in Florida or California, you are just setting yourself up for failure, they don’t seem to propagate as well. Also, if you are going to grow from starts, make sure they were started locally, I like Rents Due Farms starts or anything you get at the Farmer’s Market.  When you buy starts at places like Home Depot, they are usually coming from a greenhouse or a warm climate and they don’t like being transplanted into our cool, wet climate.  

Figs harvested from my Reiki Gardenblueberries harvested from Reiki GardenSalad made from Reiki Garden

  Some books I highly recommend for Organic gardening are: Rodale's Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening Edible Gardening for Washington & Oregon by Marrianne Binetti   Next Reiki 1 class is 4/28/2012 Receive a Reiki 1 Attunement & 8 CE's Register by 4/20/2012 to get AMTA discount!

Salad made from Reiki Gardenblueberries harvested from Reiki Garden


Mother’s Day Massage Specials @ Queen Anne Healing Arts

Posted on: April 3rd, 2012 by healing_arts_admin
Mother's Day Massage @ Queen Anne Massage

Let her forget she is a mom during a 90 minute massage

Let mom celebrate Mother's Day @ the Spa! Times are filling up for Mother's day weekend, so book your massage soon or just give mom a massage gift certificate for one of our Massage Specials: Mother's Day Massage Special, Let her forget she is a mom for 90 minutes! 90 minute Massage that begins with hot steamy towels, then warm aromatherapy infused oils which relax muscles and uplift her spirits including Arnica, Ylang Ylang, cedarwood and orange. Deep tissue massage combined with relaxing therapeutic full body massage, then completing the experience with Reiki. You can purchase gift certificates online in our store or on the home page of the site. ($135) 60 Minute Pregnancy Massage Pregnancy massage is so beneficial for increasing circulation, improving quality of sleep and supporting the body through this transition. Treat your mom to be with a Massage Gift Certificate. ($95) 30 Minute Reiki Session For the mom who has always wanted to try Reiki, this is a wonderful introduction to the healing magic of Reiki. ($58)
Queen Anne Healing Arts Spa

Give mom the gift of relaxation with a Massage Gift Certificate to Queen Anne Healing Arts.