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Butterfly Wishes

Posted on: July 31st, 2012 by healing_arts_admin

Butterfly Wishes

Tsalagi, Native American tradition for making a Butterfly Wish If you desires a wish to come true, then wait patiently for a butterfly to land in your hands, then whisper your wish to the butterfly. Since a butterfly can make no sound, the butterfly will not reveal the wish to anyone but the Great Spirit who hears and sees all. In gratitude for giving the beautiful butterfly its freedom, the Great Spirit always grants the wish. So, according to Native American legend, by telling a wish to a butterfly, the wish will be taken to the heavens and granted by the Great Spirit. Next Reiki 1 classes w/ Attunement have been added for August 25th & September 29th, 2012. Sign up by 8/15 to receive AMTA discount!

BBQ Beets

Posted on: July 27th, 2012 by healing_arts_admin

Beets grow well in NW

BBQ’d Beets w/ Beet Greens Salad My beet garden has been very good to me this Summer, we have a ton of red juicy beets with healthy green leaf tops.  My favorite way to cook a beet has become barbecuing!  I used to make barbecued roasted vegetables like beets, sweet potatoes, sunchokes, etc. by cutting them up, marinating in olive oil with garlic, walla walla onions, fresh rosemary, oregano & thyme from the garden, then kebab them and grill.   That was good.  Then one night we were barbecuing and I didn’t  want the hassle of cutting, marinating and kebabing!  We had a plethora of beets.  So I just washed them, rubbed olive oil on them and tossed them on the BBQ.  Cooked the beets a solid 25 minutes, like you might when making potatoes on the grill.  These were the best beets ever!  The outer skin got crispy like a baked potato, the inside was juicy and they were cooked to perfection!  These beets had the best smokey flavor from the bbq, applewood chips combined with the sweetness, delish!   I used the beets for this lovely summer salad:      BBQ Beets Salad 3-5 barbecued beets Beet greens Sprigs of lettuce  of your choice: spinach, arugula, romaine Thinly sliced Walla Walla onions Goat cheese Olive oil ( my new favorite is G. Guidi of Napa Valley) Balsamic Vinegar Garlic, crushed Garden herbs such as Thyme, Oregano, Marjoram Crushed pepper Himalayan sea salt   Since “Salad” comes from the French, I like to make my salads the way they do in France.   They always put all their salad dressing at the bottom of the bowl, once you try this you will always do it this way because it dresses the salad so much better than dumping it on top…So you have your empty salad bowl and then you add olive oil and balsamic in equal amounts (sorry I don’t measure when I cook! That’s why I am a better cook than a baker).  Then add your crushed garlic, garden herbs that have been slightly mortared to release their flavor, then crushed pepper, sprinkle of sea salt, stir these ingredients together until they meld.  Then add the Walla Walla onions, throw in all of your lettuce, beet greens and barbecued beets and using salad fork and spoon, lift the dressing up into the salad from the bottom of the bowl.  Then add the goat cheese last. Enjoy. Barbecued beets are great to have around as leftovers, I throw them into my Nutribullet smoothies.  I got hooked on beets when I was taking classes at Bastyr University, their cafeteria had the best beets and all the Naturopathic students ate them up because they know how beneficial beets are for your health.   Beets are an ancient food dating back to BC Mesopatamia.

Barbecued Beets

  Here are some of the fabulous health benefits of beets:             • Beets are blood building!   Build your blood = Increase Energy!             • Studies have shown beets can guard against colon cancer             • Betacyanin is what makes beets so red in color, this has been studied to  fight cancer.             • Beets are high in Folic Acid, especially important for pregnant women             • Beets can cure constipation, improve digestion (don’t be alarmed by red poop!)             • Beets are powerful colon cleansers             • Beet root juice has been considered an aphrodisiac since ancient Roman times.             •  Beets are high in minerals including magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, iron & sodium.             • I’ve recently learned red lipstick is loaded w/ lead!  Why not rub some cooked beets on your lips to give                        them a healthy red glow?  Beets were traditionally used for blush & lipstick in ancient Egyptian times, perhaps Cleopatra used beets for this?             • Beets contain a phytonutrient called Betalins  are anti-inflammatory and detoxifying.  Researchers                          are studying the affects of this nutrient to shrink cancer tumors!              • Beets are high in the right kind of carbohydrates which means they give you energy you can use, builds muscles and balance blood sugar. Beets are alkaline, having a more alkaline diet has been shown to prevent cancer  

Salad made from Reiki Garden


Misa Bowman will be offering massage while I’m away…

Posted on: July 7th, 2012 by healing_arts_admin
  This is Misa Bowman, LMP.  She will be offering massage @ Queen Anne Massage while I am away on a family vacation from July 12th-July 23, 2012.  She has been working on Sundays @ Queen Anne Healing Arts for a few years now.  She has very similar modalities as I do including deep tissue, Reiki, a deep understanding of Oriental Medicine and we even went to the same massage school: Brenneke (the best one!)  She is available on the online scheduler as well as by phone.  Give Misa a try! Have a wonderful Summer, enjoy the SUN!

Health & Wellnes Spa Seminar based on Dr. Christiane Northrup

Posted on: July 7th, 2012 by healing_arts_admin
So several of my clients have been asking if I have lost weight, you are all so perceptive!  Thank you! Yes, I have lost a pant size & shed some serious pounds due to these fabulous shakes I was introduced to by Sue Bream, fitness & metabolism expert!!!  As a busy working mom, I realized I was doing everything wrong for my metabolism:  waking in the morning drinking coffee, skipping breakfast, going to work, snacking but not really eating enough, then eating a bunch (huge dinner) at the end of the day because I'd been starving all day.  This results in big fat Cortisol belly!  Aside from gaining weight, I was running on adrenaline instead of energy... You'd think I'd know better as a health provider!  I started doing these fabulous shakes that Sue recommended only a month ago & it has been amazing! I have much better energy, I'm getting this great protein, vitamin rush in the morning.  I have just about given up my coffee habit naturally and the pounds have come off so effortlessly!   At the same time I found the Nutribullet & well don't even get me started I love this machine for making healthy smoothies.  Healthy eating has become like finding my religion, I cannot quit talking about how good I feel for making a positive change in my diet, if you have been in for a massage in the last month, you have probably heard me rave about both shakes & my nutribullet! So everyone has been asking, where can I get these magic shakes?  I asked Sue to come talk to some of my clients who want to adjust their metabolism similarily & she has graciously agreed.  This meeting of the minds will be held at my space and for those of you who have been there, it is not a huge space so we only have room for 8-10 people.  Reserve your spot early!  We may do something again in the Fall if this fills up right away, but Summer is the best time to shed those pounds, so I hope if you are interested you are able to make it to this event, it is a first reserve, limited seating event, so sign up soon if you want to come! PS I have already been asked, so in case you were wondering this is a FREE EVENT!!! Here is more about it from Sue Bream: You are offered this invitation to indulge your senses in an experience of wellness.  Uncover holistic approaches to longevity. Be pampered with a preservative- and paraben-free, self-preserving skin nutrition line. Discover a system to address energy, fitness, immune system, metabolism, insulin resistance, hypoglycemia, and hormones. Simple lifestyle changes that will improve your health is what it's all about – everything from what you eat to what you put on your skin, to how active you are, to how you balance everyday stress Come join us in building a lasting foundation for true health. WHEN?
  • Tues, July 31st
       7:00 – 9:00 PM   By invitation only, with limited attendance. You are welcome to extend the invitation to a friend; please include the number attending when you RSVP.   WHERE? QA Healing Arts   RSVP to Terri Sandusky at (206) 285-8350 or Facilitated by:     Sue Bream,  Sue is a certified Personal Trainer & Pilates Instructor,  Team Leader with Dr. Ray Strand’s Healthy for Life Program, and founder of Fitness Choices.  She is also a member of Team Northrup, a group of wellness professionals aligned with the work of   Dr. Christiane Northrup, MD  author of several  New York Times best-selling books, including    Women's Bodies; Women's Wisdom.