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Harvest Full Moon in Aries, let the Reiki begin!

Posted on: September 29th, 2012 by healing_arts_admin

Harvest Full Moon Aries 2012

Happy Harvest Full Moon in Aries. This is a breakthrough and begin again kind of Full Moon as Mars (the planet of Aries) is found in the sign of Scorpio (transformation).  Scorpio also rules over reproduction, so this will be a very fertile moon.  The moon will be full at 11:19 pm for us in the Northwest.  Lots of intense, fiery energy with this moon, have you had any trouble sleeping? For me, this Harvest Full Moon will be spent teaching a Reiki 1 class to 5 inspired students.  I love to do Reiki Attunements on a Full Moon, such a powerful ritual! Saturn will also be in Scorpio next week (as a Scorpio myself, I'm thrilled!)  Saturn will ask us to deal with the big issues of life, death, sex, power and our internal stuff! It will be a busy Fall for sure. There is a lot of creative fire with an Aries Full Moon, but look out for anger and head injuries, Aries biggest downfalls.  

Plum Chutney

Posted on: September 19th, 2012 by healing_arts_admin

Squirrel eating our Italian plums

This cute Squirrel is enjoying one of our Italian Plums on our fence, the harvest was especially plentiful this year! I enjoy plums as much as anyone, but there's only so many you can eat & give away before they go bad, only about a 2 week window.  As I searched the plum recipes, most of them were pastries, plum cakes, plum tarts, my family couldn't possibly eat that many plum sweet treats, we had several huge baskets full!

Italian Plum Harvest

Then my sister in law suggested Plum Chutney, yes! Better than plum jelly with a great shelf life!  I read many recipes, but eventually adapted my own recipe, here it is: Plum Chutney 5 cups Plums 1 chunk ginger 5 single garlic cloves 1 1/2 cups Apple Cider Vinegar   2 cups Sugar 1/4 cup Blue Agave Syrup 5-7 Star Anise 1 stick cinnamon 1 vanilla bean ground clove ground chili powder cayenne 1 tblsp salt fresh ground pepper I seeded all the plums, then put them into my Nutribullet with the garlic cloves (peeled), whole chunk of ginger and Apple Cider Vinegar.  Puree'd this combination.  Then added it to a large boiling pan with Sugar, Agave Syrup, whole star anise, cinnamon stick, vanilla bean, cloves, chili powder, cayenne, salt and pepper.  Bring this combination to a boil while whisking constantly, let boil about 3 -5 minutes until you get a nice foam.  Then turn it down to low, simmer without a lid for 30-45 minutes, until it thickens (like a thick syrup, not a jam).  Your house will smell delightful. Continue with canning process, get your jars ready, as you funnel the Chutney into the jars, it's easy to remove the Anise Stars, Cinnamon stick & vanilla bean (though they will be hot, may want to use tongs!)  I like to process my Chutneys just like Jam, just to be sure, I put them in a hot water boiling bath for 10 minutes, I'd hate to go to all that effort and have it spoil! Now it's time to get some Samosas for dipping into this delightful Chutney & I can store it all year, unlike pastries that would have to be eaten immediately.

Puree the Plums, garlic, ginger and apple cider vinegar in your Nutribullet

Boil plums & sugars until foamy, then simmer down

As you funnel into jars you can remove the Star Anise, Cinnamon stick & vanilla bean.

Yum Yum yummy Plum!

I am loving this Plum Chutney so much, I want to bathe in it, maybe I will incorporate into a Spa Treatment, like a body wrap with Plum Chutney 🙂 And now for the health benefits which include blood building and increasing fertility, 2 of my favorite health benefits! Health benefits of Italian Plums   •  loaded with dietary fiber they increase metabolism and cure constipation. •  High in Vitamin A which promotes healthy eyes, skin and supports respiratory system. • Contains some hard to find anti-oxidants such as Lutein, and Zeaxanthin, which fight free radicals and help prevent cancer. • Plums are rich in Iron, fluoride and potassium. • Plums are blood building, increasing your blood chi, just before winter, nature is so wise! • High in other essential vitamins such as C (immunity) B-6, Niacin and the rare Vitamin K. • Plums have been shown to prevent Osteoarthristis, prunes can increase a woman’s bone density. • In Chinese medicine Plum is considered a neutral food, perfectly balanced yin and yang, so it is a wise food to eat for both Yin and Yang constitutions. • Plum juice has been said to cure heartburn. • Plums support a healthy blood sugar level, can be beneficial to diabetics.  Plums can help with Weight Loss!!! • Plums are extremely alkaline which benefits an alkaline diet. • Used in treatment for irritable bowel syndrome, normalizes intestinal disturbances. • Plums can normalize menstruation, improve fertility. • Overall plums increase vitality!      

Back to School = Back to your Massages!!!

Posted on: September 4th, 2012 by healing_arts_admin

Back to School Massage Special

  Back to School Massage Special.... Get a 90 minute Massage for the price of an hour ($30 SAVINGS!) Only available during School Hours 9am-2pm Mon-Friday  

Crazazy Spa Treatments I love

Posted on: September 1st, 2012 by healing_arts_admin

Fish Pedi photo by JACQUELYN MARTIN / AP press

I am constantly looking for new inspiration in Spa Treatments, what is the next Continuing Education class I will try? I had my face cupped recently by a good friend, it was amazing!!!  Today I was looking online at other fun Spa Treatments, I found some Crazazy Spa treatments out there, some to crazy to even mention, believe it or not these are the tame ones!
  1. Fish Pedicure
I have clients who have visited Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand where they have these Fish Pedicures, the fish nibble at your toes, sometimes you are even served a beer on a hot day. I am told it is relaxing, I'd love to try it.  Sadly we had a spa bring the Fish Pedicure to Seattle a few years back, but the Department of Licensing shut them down, stating they were "greatly concerned" about the hygeine of fish eating dead skin cells, I guess we are too uptight for this sort of thing in America!  Too bad, sounds fun. 2. Would you like a Snake with your Massage today?

Snake Massage image is from

It is supposed to be relaxing!  Some would swear that Snake Massage helps with joint pain, how does it do for Anxiety? 3.  Being Beaten with Birch Branches

Birch Stick Beating image care of Moscow Times

This is a Russian tradition, where birch branches are heated, wet and beaten on your back, I have actually tried this one and it's pretty relaxing.  They say the Birch oil will go into your skin, but I'd rather just apply birch at the end of the day. 4.  How about a roll in the HAY?

This Hay bath image care of

In Europe taking a Hay Bath is found to be deeply relaxing, this was first discovered by some farmers who passed out in the Hay after a long day of work, having the best nap of their life! 6. Would you like a Facial? How about one of these? Snail Facial, snail serum is supposed to be rejuvenating to the skin and incredibly protective against UV rays, pollution and aging. Bird Poo Facial  This treatment has been around in Hawaii for years, now it is becoming mainstream on the main land.

Gold Facial Image care of

Gold Facial Hard to believe with the cost of gold rising and a recession, people are paying $500 for the gold leaf facial. Caviar Facial

Caviar facial image c/o

and when you grow tired from all these crazazy spa treatments, you can just go take a rest in your clam shelled floatation tank! but seriously now, 2 spa treatments I think would be fun to offer in the Northwest would be the Coffee Scrub, said to decrease cellulite!

coffee scrub photo courtesy of

And I've been planning a Sage Herbal Body Wrap using some of this ahhhhmazing Sage I've been getting from Eastern Washington this Summer.  It smells so divine, plus Sage is deeply detoxifying and immune building! My next massage toy will be the Jade roller, it's a cool jade stone rolled on your face, maybe I will have it by the time you come in next. I've also purchased some Andalou Lemon Sugar facial scrub, so ask for a Lemon Sugar facial next time you are in. I promise not to put a Snake on your back!