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Lucky New Year of the Water Snake 2013

Posted on: December 31st, 2012 by healing_arts_admin

Snake Year 2013

We come Spinning out of nothingness, scattering Stars like dust- Rumi

Happy New Year 2013, year of the Snake! This turns out to be a very promising year, since this is the first time since 2002 that the Chinese Astrology Animal Snake, is in perfect harmony with its element, Water. Perhaps we will climb out of this recession, better health for all and lucky stars are shining finally!

Chinese Astrologers are saying this will be a year when finances turn around for the better, stock market and housing market will be on the rise.  There are 2 prominent stars around prosperity and scholarship, so it is also a great time to take up new studies, go back to school or do research. Over the years, my clients have blessed me with all kinds of lucky superstitions about the New Year, now I feel neurotic having to do all these things, to ensure a Lucky New Year! Did you know the tradition of kissing a loved one at midnight was to ensure strong affections for the whole year, if you go to sleep before midnight without kissing your loved one, it's going to be a lack luster year... The first person to enter your house after the strike of midnight, should be a handsome, dark haired man, never a blonde or red headed woman. This handsome guest should be bringing coal, well okay!  Sounds lucky to me. On New Year's Day, you have to, have to eat Black Eyed Peas with Pork and never chicken. I learned this from a client who is from the South and now I have to do this one!  Black eyed peas ensure good fortune! Pork is because Pigs root forward & it means your year will move forward well. Your house should be cleaned, swept and fully stocked pantries for the New Year. However you should not clean on actual New Year's Day, only the eve. Nothing should leave your house on New Year's Day! You should not wash your hair on New Years. Was it wear new underwear or old underwear? shoot, I can't remember! One of my Italian clients says they smash pomegranates on their porch at the strike of Midnight New Years Eve, that might be fun. If lots of seeds go everywhere it will be a prosperous year. Chinese New Year you should have a red cutout of a Snake on your door, but that is not really until 2/16/13, so I'm not even going to worry about that one yet... I think I have enough other things to do before the New Year!

Cancer Full Moon 12/28/12 @ 5:21 am

Posted on: December 30th, 2012 by healing_arts_admin
Full Moon Cancer 12/28/12

Full Moon Cancer 12/28/12

This Full Moon painting is by Victoria Lystila & her artwork can be found on Facebook! Full Moon Cancer 5:51 AM Friday morning a Full Moon occurs in Cancer, just like a crab there is a strong need for a home base, protection and nurturance. Attachments, Motherhood and family love are all ruled by Cancer. Cancer Full Moons are powerful time for Fertility!  The Cancer Moon encourages us to value our home base and our roots. This Full Moon is about balancing our commitment to our career and families. Over the next two weeks, we will discover what this means for us. The Full Moon is a time of culmination and the promise of fulfillment of that which was started at the New Moon. Next Reiki 1 class w/ Attunement is January 18, 2013. A Reiki Class begins a 28 day cycle of transformation & the New Year is a great time to transform yourself!

More Hot Stones please!

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Since so many of you loved the Free Hot Stones for the month of December, we are going to offer it one more month for January 2013.  Happy New Year!!!

Solstice 12/21/12 11:11 end of the world as we know it?

Posted on: December 19th, 2012 by healing_arts_admin
Solstice 12/21/12 the end of the world as we know it?

Solstice 12/21/12 the end of the world as we know it?

Solstice 12/21/2012 

Remember that in the darkest hour, light shines the brightest.

It is the longest night of the year here in the Northern Hemisphere and a celebration of the return of the light, as the Sun begins to ascend back towards the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year.  For those of us who live in the Northwest, light returning is a very big deal & worth celebrating.  Many cultures mark this longest night in a sacred way, light a fire, a candle, a lantern, come together in ritual, meditate, pray, sing.  Winter Solstice is also a time to gather with friends and family, drink hot mulled cider with feelings of hope, light, rebirth.  Winter Solstice is a time to slow down, take stock of all you have and hold dear. Decorate your fire mantle or altar with evergreen boughs, pomegranates, clementines, nuts and white or gold candles to represent the return of golden light. This year 12/21/2012 Solstice seems to have greater importance with all this talk of the End of the World, as we know it!  The mayans calculated cycles of dimension shifts. That is what the calendar represents. December 21st of the winter solstice, 2012, at exactly 11:11 AM the sun is going to line up dead center with the galactic equator, which to them opened up the dark road to Xibalba or the Sacred Tree – in their beliefs it was the entrance way to the spirit worlds, and that on this day high frequencies would descend onto earth bringing peace and evolving people into more of what they truly are. They marked this day because they were excited about this day! Many in the New Age community are also excited about this day, seeing it not as the end, but as a beginning where even more light and energy will be available, an Ascension if you will.  However, just as having a Reiki Attunement brings more energy, it can sometimes be a difficult transformation, there may be illness, obstacles, emotions that come to the surface to be dealt with.  My belief is this will be a positive transformation, but like all transformations maybe not an easy one... An Astrology chart cast for the next three months shows a Y-shaped pattern called a Yod. It looks like the letter Y, or a divining rod where you hold two handles and it drives the pointed end. This pattern has a fated tone to it where we will be uncomfortably driven to the new goal.  In this case, we are driven out of your comfortable rut to open your belief system to expansive possibilities. It requires us to explore new options, or to go outside our normal box. Jupiter is at the driven end of this pattern, so we will receive help if we are willing to take a risk on new ideas.   And speaking of increased energy and light : Next Reiki 1 Class is Saturday 1/19/12

A Merry Fair Trade Holiday!

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My Shopping is done! I am so thrilled to have supported many small businesses this season, such as Buddhist ornament makers in Nepal, Sound Spirits Gin, Theo Chocolates, Hub & Spoke, Portage Bay, Whole Life Yoga, Jolly Rogers and a few LMP friends! Of course there were a few inevitable items on my sons list that could only be bought @ Fred Meyer, ugh! Yet, I'd say at least 75% of my shopping was independent, fair trade and small businesses! As a small business I sold lots of gift certificates for Massage, Animal Reiki and Fertility Acupressure, so excited to meet all these new recipients in the New Year!

12-12-12 a Yin Yang kinda day

Posted on: December 12th, 2012 by healing_arts_admin
12/12/12 What does it mean? In Chinese Astrology, number 12 brings harmony to the yin and yang: The number 1 is a yang number ruled by the sun, while 2 is a yin number ruled by the moon, in Numerology. This date structure, in which the same two-digit number gets repeated three times, won't happen again until 2112. There is plenty of historical significance to #12: the months in a year on contemporary calendars; 12 traditional zodiac signs; 12 Olympic gods and goddesses in Greek mythology; Zeus was always related to the Number 1 & Hera related to number 2, so 12 symbolized their union of love, which is why 12 is considered a number of partnerships and love. (an auspicious day to marry!) In Christian belief, Jesus had 12 apostles. A day of balance and Abundance. I am thrilled to be taking a mental health day today, this feels like a magical day. 12 is also ruled by Jupiter (it takes Jupiter 12 years to orbit the Earth) and right now the Sun & Moon are both in Sagittarius, which is also ruled by Jupiter, focuses on abundance & attainment. Could this be a good day for the lottery? It's also a waning moon, just before the New Moon which begins @ 3:42 am 12/13/12 in Sagittarius, so if you didn't want to get out of bed this morning, there's your reason. During this waning, also known as Balsamic moon, it is called the Wishing Moon because this is a good time for putting wishes on the air. A wish made at the Balsamic Moon is more likely to come true because desires are felt more deeply now. The more deeply a need is felt, the more invocative energy goes into the Moon cycle and the more likely it will be met. Fulfillment comes at Full Moon (12/28/12) in response to what is seeded at the New Moon (imagine planting seeds in your mental garden, what do you want to grow this month?). I will be doing a Reiki meditation today, sending distance healing and well wishes while burning Palo Santo, holy wood. To celebrate 12/12/12, I am bringing back the BOGO 1/2 of gift certificate in my store, last chance to get this deal of the Season: