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Happy New Year 2014, wooden Horse!

Posted on: December 31st, 2013 by healing_arts_admin

2014_Year_of_Horse Happy New Year!!! In Tibetan Astrology this will be the Year of the Horse, with an element of Wood, also known to some as the green horse!

It is said that the Buddha was a Horse of wood element, so for Tibetans, this is a very auspicious year. Many are celebrating this New Years by climbing sacred Mountain Peaks, maybe I will take on Mt. Ranier this year, maybe just the Wonderland trail.  This year is also a 7 vibration which is a magical number of creativity, intuition, meditation, I always think of the 7 wonders of the world, perhaps a time when miracles will abound!

I for one, am so ready for a New Year, how about you?

Last year at New Year's I wrote a blog about all the New Year's superstitions I have heard from clients over time. Funny thing is, I really tried to cover all my basis. I got my whole house cleaned and organized, even the fish tank was sparkling before the strike of midnight. I had my black eyed peas soaking to be cooked on New Year's day. I had rigged the whole, first visitor over will be a handsome dark haired guy, by strategically having my husband invite a friend of his to breakfast who fit the description, but to my surprise, our first visitor was a good friend of mine who had just had her hair done, extra blonde (if you remember if the first visitor of the new year is a blonde or redheaded woman, it foretells an unlucky year!) Gosh, I wish I didn't believe in this stuff, but I did have a rather tricky year, I wouldn't say completely unlucky, but even for a pollyanna like myself, I have to admit I had some tough trials and tribulations & it wasn't until just the other day when my blonde friend and I were remembering last new years, I literally opened the door to her with a look of horror, which we can laugh about now, but I did look back and think, maybe there is something to that superstition...Please let my first visitor be a dark haired handsome guy & if you are redheaded or blonde woman, can we just hang out later in the week, puhlease?! So I was telling some of my client's about all the superstitions & of course they wanted to know, to cover their basis, so I am going to put them out there again, here you go, Good Luck! Over the years, my clients have blessed me with all kinds of lucky superstitions about the New Year, now I feel neurotic having to do all these things, to ensure a Lucky New Year! Did you know the tradition of kissing a loved one at midnight was to ensure strong affections for the whole year, if you go to sleep before midnight without kissing your loved one, it’s going to be a lack luster year for your relationship… The first person to enter your house after the strike of midnight, should be a handsome, dark haired man, never, ever a blonde or red headed woman (equals the worst luck!). This handsome male guest should also be bringing coal, well okay! Sounds lucky to me. On New Year’s Day, you have to, have to eat Black Eyed Peas with Pork and never chicken. I learned this from a client who is from the South and now I just have to do this one! Black eyed peas ensure your good fortune! Pork is because Pigs root forward & it means your year will move forward well (chickens scratch backwards, so if you eat chicken on New Years you will be living in the past). Your house should be cleaned, organized & swept before midnight!  (never sweep dirt out the door though, that sweeps luck with it).  You should have a fully stocked pantry for the New Year. However you should not clean on actual New Year’s Day, only the eve before. All debts from the previous year should be paid in full before the New Year, perhaps harder to do in this day and age... Nothing should leave your house on New Year’s Day! You should not wash your hair on New Years. Was it wear new underwear or old underwear? shoot, now I can’t remember! I do know Red underwear will bring romance, passion and fertility... Why does everyone have noisemakers @ the strike of Midnight? It was always thought that making lots of noise as you ring in the New Year would keep evil spirits away. In Mexico, they believe in having every light of the house on during the New Years eve into the New Year with lots of candles, so your year will be filled with light. One of my Italian clients says they smash pomegranates on their porch at the strike of Midnight New Years Eve, that might be fun. If lots of seeds go everywhere it will be a very prosperous year, if it just smashes in one lump not so good, so throw hard and maybe at an angle? In Yoga classes, we would always do a ton of Sun Salutations, a wonderful invigorating way to start the New Year & make a commitment to Yoga.

Lots of crazy people in Seattle like to take the polar bear plunge in the icy waters at Golden Gardens, ever done that? That is sooo invigorating!

I wish you a Happy New Year with love, health and abundance however you choose to celebrate it!

Reiki for Weight Loss

Posted on: December 13th, 2013 by healing_arts_admin
Artemis 2 by Diana Comstock

Artemis 2 by Diana ComstockCan Re

This just in, Christina Aguilera claims that Reiki helped her lose weight! A source told the National Enquirer: ''It's a Japanese method for healing the body, emotions, mind and spirit. Christina credits Reiki for putting her mind in a good place and giving her the discipline to eat healthy to maintain weight loss. She sees a Reiki Master for private sessions three times a week.'' Who wouldn't feel great after receiving Reiki sessions three times a week.  I am genuinely thrilled to hear of a celebrity taking care of herself in such a profound healing way! So often we only hear the negatives of the alcohol and drug abuse of celebrities. Can Reiki help with weight loss? Absolutely! Reiki balances the body in such a way that you will naturally crave the foods that are healthier for you.  You won't be eating a spinach salad because you have to, because you are on a diet that makes you feel deprived, you will be eating the spinach salad because your bodies innate wisdom is now making you want it. Reiki can change your body, including helping you to lose weight, in a much more profound way than dieting. I have seen clients lose weight after receiving bodywork for awhile and it comes from a deeper place within. Once they start caring for themselves, they feel better about themselves and they want to take even more care to eat well, exercise and the weight just naturally comes off! It stays off, too because unlike diets, this is a whole lifestyle transformation! Since I became a Reiki master, I just crave healthier foods, local foods of the season, that nourish my body and soul.  For instance, right now Chestnuts are plentiful, I roast them in a cast iron pan, they taste delicious, they are blood building and truly healthy for you.  I find complete enjoyment eating them! I just had a client who was telling me she is trying to give up soda.  I cannot even remember the last soda I have had, 10 years ago maybe?  Since following my Reiki path, I just don't even like that stuff! There is no deprivation, truly, it is just a preference for herbal teas, brown rice, nourishment from fresh, local foods. Are you planning to lose weight as your New Year's Resolution? It's not too late to put a Reiki Gift Certificate on your Santa's Christmas list!
Gift Certificate

Cupping back of the Neck for a cold virus

Posted on: December 12th, 2013 by healing_arts_admin
cure for the common cold!

cure for the common cold!

I have had so many clients ask me, what exactly does Cupping do? I decided to dedicate a blog to Fire Cupping Therapy! Cupping is a common practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), however its history dates back to 1550 B.C, when Egyptians first discovered and used cupping for medicine. Archaeologists have found evidence of cupping in ancient Greece. It is still commonplace in Turkey, Hungary and other Eastern European countries as well. So what is Cupping? Cupping is the application of glass cups to create suction on the surface of the skin. Using heat, a cottonball that has been dipped in alcohol then lit on fire, then quickly inserted into the cup, this creates a vacuum, it’s a real science experiment! This vacuum glass cup is placed on an area of the body, to create suction, the cup can be left on 3 minutes or up to half an hour. Sometimes they can be moved along pathways on the back, this is called running cupping, this is my favorite treatment for backache with insomnia. Cupping Treatment has been shown to affect the muscles up to four inches deep into the tissue, so you can see how it can get in deeper than even the deepest, deep tissue massage. Cupping has a beneficial action on the lymph system, activating it and clearing toxins. 5 minutes of Cupping therapy has been shown to be equivalent to 45 minutes of Myofascial release for the muscles, so you can see how powerful it is! Cupping also increases blood flow to the area. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is believed cold viruses enter through the back of the neck, with cold, wind invasion.  Therefore cupping the back of the neck brings blood flow, warmth and pulls the virus out. It is particularly good for a cold with a hacking cough, it will lessen coughs.  Sometimes it will bring a cold virus up and out, so you may feel worse for a day, but then it is gone, gone, gone.  I'd rather have a strong cold virus for one day, than a lingering, nagging little cold for weeks.

Cupping can be an effective treatment for all of these symptoms, too: • tight, sore muscles • neck & jaw tension • Back Pain, Sciatica, Shoulder Pain & Computer Shoulder Strain • fighting a cold virus, if caught early can prevent the common cold! • increasing circulation • insomnia & improving sleep patterns • Migraines & headaches • Cellulite • Anxiety, Stress and tension • Fatigue, Depression, Low Energy • Frozen Shoulder • Respiratory disorders like Bronchitis, Asthma and coughs from a cold. • Arthritis, joint pain and fibromyalgia So How exactly does cupping work?

Cupping can treat muscular pains by pulling fresh blood to the region, increasing the oxygen to the area, improving the Lymph circulation, all of these contribute to better muscle health. When cupping right on a knot of tension, bringing fresh blood to the area of concern, allows the knot to be released, then when followed with massage, the work can be more effective. What about those Red Spots left behind?! Everybody wants to know why they have those red spots after, those are evidence of the blood circulating to the area. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) those spots would be used as a diagnostic tool by a physician. Where there is more tension, there is a greater suction of the cups and hence a darker red spots. Other areas may not be effected as much. For instance, if you are fighting a cold and I cup the back of your neck it may be dark red, purple and even a little sticky when I remove the cup, that is a tale, tale sign that you are fighting a virus. The markings are harmless, generally painless, though they can sometimes feel sensitive to touch. Usually the mark will go away within two weeks of the cupping treatment. Do you remember when Gwyneth Paltrow wore a backless dress to the Oscars with those cupping marks? That was all the rage in the cupping community! You can find pictures of it here: Jennifer Anniston just did the same thing recently, celebrities with cupping marks, always make cupping trendy! Seriously though, there has been a lot of research about the effectiveness of cupping therapy lately. As a migraine sufferer myself, I most enjoyed hearing that the latest research shows 66% of migraine sufferers found relief from cupping therapy.  Maybe our society could give up its addiction to OTC Pain Killers and get addicted to cupping therapy and massage instead. If you are an LMP interested in learning how to do Cupping treatments, let me know, we may be having classes soon!    

be a Good Santa, buy the best massage, not the cheapest!

Posted on: December 10th, 2013 by healing_arts_admin


Sure you could buy a gift certificate @ a place like Massage Envy for $59, but what kind of massage could that be, when their massage therapists are working for what $15 an hour? And what kind of products are they using that they can afford to sell massage so cheaply? It's probably not Organic, Food Grade massage oils like Coconut, Jojoba and grapeseed that you will get at Queen Anne Healing Arts. You probably won't get the Organic, Floracopeia Aromatherapy oils, like my Christmas blend that includes Frankincense and Myrrh. I have had people walking in off the street when they smell it, just to ask me what is that wonderful smell and can they buy some! So be a Good Santa this year, don't just buy the cheapest massage gift certificate, buy the very best massage gift certificate! You can buy your Spa Gift Certificate, here, online! We will mail it out right away & if it's Christmas eve, we can send you an e-mail massage gift certificate that you can print & put under the Christmas Tree, because we are completely compassionate to last minute shopping!
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Shoe Day!!!

Posted on: December 6th, 2013 by healing_arts_admin


Take off your Shoes, it's shoe Day!

When I used to work at Brenneke School of Massage, Heida Brenneke was big on celebrating Shoe Day, also known as St. Nicholas Day.  It's a big deal in Europe and since she was German, she made it a wonderful tradition at the school.  We would all come to work, take off our shoes, line them up in a hall and each of us would put little trinkets in eachother's shoes, a piece of chocolate, a smelly good candle, then Heida would put something amazing in our shoes, in addition to our big Holiday Bonus! The tradition has to do with good ole St. Nick sneaking toys to nice girls and boys in their shoes, left on the porches (do you remember the claymation cartoon, am I dating myself?) I have always loved this tradition and kept it alive in my own family .  My 6 year old son sets out his biggest boots for December 6th and he is rewarded with chocolates, Christmas Window decals or Legos.  This shoe day it will be an Angry Bird Advent Calendar, since I just got it in the mail today and I know, I know we were supposed to start the advent calendar 5 days ago, but seriously how did Christmas sneak up this year? So he will be thrilled to be able to open 6 whole days on St. Nick's Shoe Day! This Shoe day, I hope to get a Caramel Apple Cider, only maybe not in my shoe, exactly, that could be a mess... So in celebration of Shoe Day & the Queen Anne Holiday Magic, I will be doing a Shoe Day giveaway!  I'm going to give away a few trinkets; some Palo Santo, holy wood, to burn for abundance. Also, my latest & greatest Aromatherapy Bath Blend including Himalayan Rose Salt, Dead Sea Salts, Epsom Salts, nourishing Kelp powder, coconut oil and aromatherapy oils of Orange, cinnamon, vanilla, Frankincense, Myrrh & Fir Balsam.  I have been doing a lot of "test" baths with this blend, it's a yummy one! Just enter a comment below to be included in the drawing, one person will be picked tomorrow & I will e-mail you back to get your address, to mail the Bath salts too. Good Luck!  

Foot Reflexology Holiday Gift Certificate

Posted on: December 4th, 2013 by healing_arts_admin
12 days of Christmas Spa Specials

12 days of Christmas Spa Specials

Incredible Foot Art is by my fave artist of all time: Diana Comstock, see more @ Today's Holiday Gift Certificate Special is a Foot Reflexology Session! Begin your session with a steamy foot bath including Hot Stones at the bottom of the bowl & our famous Christmas Bath Salts!  They have Himalayan Rose Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salts, nourishing kelp, coconut oil and aromatherapy oils of Orange, Cinnamon, Frankincense, Myrrh, Vanilla and Fir Balsam. Then you will relax on the massage table heated by an Infrared Jade Mat as your receive 30 minutes of Foot Reflexology including Acutonics.  Foot Reflexology has been shown to treat migraines, insomnia, fertility issues, weight loss, digestion issues and chronic pain. You can purchase this Holiday Foot Reflexology Special using the Paypal button below. We will be giving away 0ne Foot Reflexology Gift Certificate on 12/6/13, the evening of the Queen Anne Holiday Magic. Leave a Comment on the blog or on our Facebook page to enter! Good luck, may the most deserving feet win!