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Abundance Reiki

Posted on: February 21st, 2014 by healing_arts_admin
Lucky_Reiki_13 I have been very fortunate to have incredibly loyal regulars who have now followed me from Queen Anne to Ballard. My clients thankfully value my work and pay me accordingly!  I have studied the law of attraction, manifestation and worked on my own prosperity issues to be able to receive all that I deserve in life. I would love to help empower other LMP’s to know that they can make more with less! Charge what you are worth and you will attract clients who are willing to pay it, you will be giving them better massage or Reiki sessions because you are not overworking 6 clients a day at  discount rates... Sometimes, you may need to re-record your internal mental tapes if you don’t believe you are worth it! I have done a lot of research and work in this area, myself, as I grew up with some scarcity tapes of my own, growing up middle working class. Even having parents with a strong work ethic, I believed I have to work so hard to just get by and I have fought that belief!  I can work more like Rumi says "the only great work, is the work you love," or as Marsha Sinetar put it in her book, "Do what you love, the money will follow!"  Your work can be your greatest joy with the right mindset. How do you feel about the big “M” word…money? Moola, cash, income, accounts. Do you pay attention to your money, do you account? Do you feel and think … "Yes, I deserve to have all the money I need to live in perfect bliss.”  Try saying that. How do you feel, and where in your body do you feel the response to that thought? Is there any uneasiness? If so, where does it come from? How do you feel when you are paying your bills?  I feel grateful to be able to! What is your financial vibration? There is a money frequency that allows us to attract more abundance in our lives.  The often quoted bible verse, "Ask and it is given," is absolutely true, yet you must be at a financial frequency to receive and then to hold onto what you receive.  This is why so many people who win the lottery, end up bankrupt just a few years later.  They didn't work on their "havingness", their money frequency wasn't truly ready so they didn't really believe they could have this money.  There was even a woman in the news who had won the lottery, but she was still claiming welfare and receiving food stamps, her mental tapes were clearly still telling her she didn't have enough! In Reiki 1 Class, we begin with "Mindfulness!" first step is listening to what your mind (internal tapes) are saying about money. When you pay attention, you can tap into your true beliefs about prosperity. Then you can consciously begin to change those beliefs. There is a universal law of attraction that states "like attracts like." If you can believe deep inside that you are worthy, you are abundant, you deserve wealth, you will begin to see the change in your outer world.  It has to come from the inside out though!  Penney Pierce wrote "Frequency", in which she states "If your energy state is high, fast, clear, then your life unfolds effortlessly and in alignment with your destiny.  If you have a slower, low frequency your life can be a series of snags and disappointments." So what does Reiki have to do with greater Abundance? In this Prosperity Reiki course we will be focusing on raising our financial frequency! When you receive a Reiki Attunement, it raises your energy frequency and can help break through the barriers that prevent you from receiving your true wealth. Reiki heals and balances on all emotional, physical, mental and spiritual levels, the attunement literally says, "may you receive all that you desire." By increasing your energetic frequency, you can raise your vibration to attract more in your life. I have seen Reiki miracles in this area and I would love to share this gift! There are just 2 spots left for this course, so sign up soon! I leave you with the definition of prosperity & other words like it, you can incorporate into your prosperity affirmations! prosperity  [pro-sper-i-tee] Definition: affluence, good fortune, having money Synonyms: abundance, accomplishment, advantage, arrival, bed of roses, benefit, boom, clover, do, easy street, exorbitance, expansion, fortune, good, good times,growth, havingness, increase, inflation, interest, life of luxury, opulence, plenteousness, plenty, prosperousness, riches, success, successfulness, the good life, thriving, velvet, victory, wealth, welfare, well-being, vested You can enroll here, by paying w/ Paypal:
Here are some links to my fave prosperity motivators in books & audiobooks! I cannot say enough good things about this Unlimited Potential audiotape! talk about re-recording your negative money tapes, this can do it, while you sleep!