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No Foolin’, I’m Moving, again!

Posted on: March 31st, 2014 by healing_arts_admin
Ballard Healing Arts @ 8314 8th Ave NW

Ballard Healing Arts @ 8314 8th Ave NW

As of 4/1/14, yes April Fool's Day! Ballard Healing Arts will be moving to 8314 8th Ave NW, Seattle, Wa 98117. This is a wonderful space, filled with good chi, as it used to be a Xi Gong studio. Joining Ballard Healing Arts will be Tracy Pitcock & Elizabeth Kovar offering their healing hands to the mix! To celebrate we are offering some incredible deals on this one day only, 4/1/14!

30 Minute Reiki Session for just $33.

One Hour Reiki Session for $65

One Hour Massage for $85.

90 minute Massage for $108.

April's schedule has already filled in quite a bit, but this could be a good time to buy a Massage Gift Certificate for Mother's Day which is just around the corner! Look forward to seeing you in my new Ballard Digs! Sorry, this deal has expired!

Reiki 2 Course – Symbols for distance healing

Posted on: March 19th, 2014 by healing_arts_admin
Reiki 2 Class w/ Symbols

Reiki 2 Class w/ Symbols

AMTA REIKI LEVEL 2 In Reiki level 2 class, you will receive the symbols used for distance healing. You can then provide Reiki across time and space, for anyone, anywhere. I like to say 2nd Degree Reiki course is the calculus class of Reiki training! This is where you really gain the tools and the know how to provide Reiki for all kinds of situations. There is so much to learn in Reiki 2, for me this was when my Reiki really took off!
I give the Reiki 2 Attunements on the evening before class because I want my students to have time to process their attunement, sleep it off so to say. Second Degree Reiki attunement provides the Reiki Symbols. These symbols are like keys to open the mind to even greater healing powers. This is one big, powerful Reiki attunement! Then Reiki students can come in Saturday morning ready to literally learn Japanese! We learn three powerful, Reiki symbols plus Japanese Kanji for each and how to speak the Japanese words. Once you have mastered how to speak & draw these Reiki symbols, you are on your way!
 Students bring in a stuffed animal to use for distance healing, which we practice at great length. I can testify firsthand to the amazing results when you have a whole group of students sending distance Reiki to a person, place or situation! Wow! I have witnessed some real Reiki miracles in Reiki 2 class!
This form of Reiki can be used for distance healing, across time and space, for people, animals and situations. It is truly helpful in hospice situations. You also learn how to create a bridge of light for someone who is dying or even someone who has already passed. You learn how to clear and protect spaces with Reiki symbols. You will learn visualization techniques for distance Reiki healing. This class is so crammed with useful Reiki skills, you can see why I call it Reiki calculus! Once you have completed this course, level 3 Reiki will seem like a breeze!
This form of Reiki is especially beneficial to therapists, counselors, or teachers who want to bring healing into their work, but touch is not within their scope of practice.
You may find some teachers who group Reiki 1 and 2 together. It is my belief that you gain more from Reiki 2 if you have had some practice with Reiki before receiving the symbols. For this reason, I require at least one month practice between Reiki 1 and 2. Plus, each attunement begins a 21 day cycle of transformation, it would be unsafe to do more than one attunement at a time, for this reason.
Cost for Second Degree Reiki Training is $233.00.
Reiki Stuffed Animals

Reiki Stuffed Animals

Distance Reiki Healing can help with: • Surgery, Distance Reiki can be sent at exact time of surgery to infuse it w/ healing energy! • Fertility • An interview or important business meeting • Post-traumatic stress • Releasing an addiction • Weight Loss • Resumes and/or business proposals • Relationship issues • Buying or Selling Real Estate • Pain control, injury and recovery. • Headaches &/0r Migraines • Insomnia (don’t call me @ 3am !) • Spiritual support • Hospice Support, end of life issues Here is a testimonial from a recent Reiki 2 student: “I had taken Reiki 1 in massage school & Reiki had never really become a part of my massage practice, though I was still interested in it. A friend recommended I take Reiki 2 from Terri. This class took my Reiki to such a higher level! The attunement felt like so much more was happening, than the 1st one I had. I liked learning about the traditions of Reiki, which we were never taught in my other class. I am so grateful for the symbols, which I use on a daily basis in so many ways to heal my family, pets, friends, clients & community!” Analisa P. Tags: Animal Reiki, Distance Healing, energy healing, Energy Medicine, energy work, Hospice Reiki, Mikao Usui, Reiki, reiki ceu, reiki class, reiki class seattle, Reiki II Certification, Reiki II Training, reiki level 2, Reiki Level 2 Attunement, reiki master, reiki training, Usui reiki

Lighten up, take a Reiki 1 Class

Posted on: March 4th, 2014 by healing_arts_admin
Lighten Up! Reiki Class Lighten Up! Take a Reiki 1 Course, no previous Reiki experience is necessary and you don't have to be a bodyworker to enjoy a Reiki 1 Class. I have had nurses, artists, therapists and even Microsoft Executives who have all benefited from the power of Reiki in their day to day lives. In Reiki 1 Class you will receive a Reiki Attunement, which opens you up to the healing Reiki energy. This begins a 21 day cycle of transformation in your life, wherein you begin to heal on all emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels. Many past Reiki students tell me they have incredible dreams and insights during this time and making changes for better health, better relationships and creating abundance becomes second nature, effortless. Spring is a powerful time for transformation. Saturday March 15th, 2014 9am-5pm is the next Reiki 1 Class This class will focus on Abundance! Only 3 spots left... Mention you saw this blog post for $20 off your first Reiki Session! You can enroll here, by paying w/ Paypal: