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Fertility Acupressure Class

Posted on: May 30th, 2014 by healing_arts_admin
Fertility Acupressure

Fertility Acupressure

I have had so many clients & fellow bodyworkers interested in Fertility Acupressure, that I decided to host another Fertility Acupressure Class. Fertility Acupressure will be 6/9/14 9am-1pm It will include all the potent acupressure points for increasing fertility, as well as how to do a Castor Pack. All of this is also included in my Fertility Acupressure Video. If you are interested, sign up soon, as this class is filling up. If it fills I am thinking about adding a second time, same day 6/9/14 5:30-9:30, let me know if you are interested in that time. You can purchase my Acupressure video through Amazon with this link

Reiki goes Mainstream!

Posted on: May 22nd, 2014 by healing_arts_admin
Reiki 2 Class w/ Symbols

Reiki 2 Class w/ Symbols

Have you seen this article in the Washington Post about Reiki going mainstream? Love it!!!

Click on this Underlined to see for yourself!

Reiki in the News!

I think this is good news for Reiki, Washington Post legitimizes what so many of us already know, Reiki really works! My favorite line of this article was, “Reiki saved my life,” said Delgado, a lawyer with Bank of America. “I cannot live without it and I don’t want to know what would have happened to me if I hadn’t found it.”  I feel exactly the same way, I don't know how I would survive some of the struggles of my life, such as losing mom to Cancer, if I did not have Reiki in my corner!  It is so nice to read an article that truly captures the benefits of Reiki, finally!

To celebrate, this Memorial Day Weekend, Elizabeth & Tracy will be offering Reiki Sessions at a discount! 

Receive $20 off your Reiki session this weekend when you mention this blog!

If you have always wanted to try Reiki, this is a wonderful opportunity! I really enjoyed the portrayals of Reiki in "Touchy Feely" an indie film by Seattle's own Lynn Shelton, check it out.

Also, there are some Reiki Classes coming up:

Reiki 2 - Symbols for Distance Learning will be

6/13/14 Friday eve 5-7pm & 6/14/14 Saturday 9am-5pm

Reiki 1 - open to all & includes a Reiki Attunement

7/26/14 Saturday 9am-5pm

8/9/14 Saturday 9am-5pm

This Summer we will have Reiki Circles for all my Reiki class graduates on Friday evenings, a time to come together, trade Reiki & perhaps do some distance REiki together for different goals we have!

Scorpio Full MOON today @ 3

Posted on: May 14th, 2014 by healing_arts_admin
1/2 off Reiki   May's Full Moon is also known as the Flower Moon or the Milk moon, because May brings an abundance of flowers and also the time when cows have just given birth, so there is an abundance of milk.  Considering Scorpio also rules over reproductive organs, this is a very FERTILE FULL MOON! Still 2 spots left for this Saturdays Reiki 1 Class w/ Reiki Attunement 9-5, it's gonna rain that day anyways!