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ode to Bike Riders!

Posted on: July 21st, 2014 by healing_arts_admin

I am so proud of all my amazing bike riding clients this Summer who have taken on such events as RAMROD, STP & one client who is riding bikes all through France & Italy with his wife.

 I am offering a $25 Massage Discount to all the Bike Riders of the world today!
If you ride your bike to work regularly, you get a massage discount.
If you rode STP (Seattle to Portland), you get a $25 off your massage.
If your rode RAMROD, you are AMAZING! and you get the $25 off Massage Deal!
My next bike ride will be the Bike Around Bend, Oregon, I love that it connects with Breweries!
Since my husband is an avid cyclist himself (with his fancy Rodriguez road bike), I know all the muscles that are affected by riding, such as Piriformis, Hamstrings, Quads, glutes, trochanter region, Quadratus Lomborum, so I can release the muscles cyclist use the most.
And since my new location is between to great bike shops, it just seems fitting that I would be offering a cyclist massage deal!

Massage Discount for Microsoft Layoffs

Posted on: July 18th, 2014 by healing_arts_admin
Butterfly Wishes

Butterfly Wishes

As Microsoft begins to layoff 18,000 employees, I know that many of my clients will be affected. I am always surprised how often people will come in for a massage, just after losing their job, but truly I get it. It is definitely on the list of the most stressful things that can happen to you, next to death in the family, moving and divorce.
So this month I am offering 33% off your Massage or Reiki session if you have been laid off at Microsoft. Come on in, relax, regroup, every little thing is gonna be alright
When one door closes, another will open! Maybe you will look back and say leaving that job was the best thing that ever happened to me…


Posted on: July 17th, 2014 by healing_arts_admin

Next Introductory Reiki Class is 1st Degree Reiki Saturday, 7/26/14 9am-5pm
this class is 8 Massage/bodywork CE’s.

People seem to be drawn to Reiki, like we are drawn to campfires!
It is fascinating to see the reasons that bring people to their first Reiki class : looking for ways to heal themselves or a loved one, looking for transformation of their life, looking to add a powerful new tool to their healing toolbox, wanting to increase their energetic vibration, wanting ways to fill their own well when giving to others (Reiki is so great for caregivers, to self heal with self Reiki and re-charge!)

Some of the many benefits of taking a Reiki class are:

• Reiki Attunement increases your healing abilities
• Self Reiki improves sleep
• Reiki reduces stress and tension
• Self Reiki decreases severity & occurrence of headaches/migraines
• Self Reiki can reduce acute and chronic pain
• Reiki Attunement is incredibly detoxifying
• A Reiki Attunement can improve immune function
• Self Reiki can help you heal from illness or surgery

• Reiki creates calmness, improving emotional well being

• Reiki empowers positive change in emotional, mental, spiritual and physical well being.

• Reiki can increase Abundance by increasing your energetic vibration to receive & attract.

• I’ve even seen Reiki help students attract their true Love!

I honestly believe a Reiki class is an incredible bargain, considering you get a Reiki Attunement, which is a lifetime of healing capacity put into the palm of your hands. In addition to that, the second half of the day gives you an amazing healing session! When students do the hands on Reiki healings for eachother, depending on the class, you may have 4 or 5 students all laying healing Reiki hands on you, students receiving this kind of Reiki treatment just seem to glow, often their faces get rosy pink, they become so beautiful, relaxed and they have this incredible expression of deep trance. For the price of the class ($185) you get a Reiki Attunement plus some of the most powerful Reiki treatments you will ever get in your life. Once you have completed Level 1 Reiki and you have completed the 21 day cycle of transformation, you are eligible to take Reiki 2 class & also join our Reiki circles.

Reiki Master Level 3 Class

Posted on: July 7th, 2014 by healing_arts_admin
Just For Today

Just For Today

Prerequisite for Reiki level 3 is having taken Reiki level 1 & level 2 at least 21 days prior to receiving the Master Reiki Attunement.

In Level 3 Reiki, you will be given an attunement that contains the Master Level Symbol. This does not instantly make you a “Reiki Master” as that is a longer process that involves learning how to do attunements and how to teach, a year long internship course. However, Level 3, Master Symbol gives you another Symbol you can use in your Reiki healing, your distance healing and for giving Reiki to a situation. In my experience, the Master Symbol has been the most powerful of the Reiki symbols for healing and manifesting with Reiki.

In Reiki level 3, you will be attuned to the Master Symbols. The we will spend the day using the master symbols for both hands on healing and distance healing. Bring a stuffed animal for distance healing portion of the day & a notebook for practicing symbols.

Lavender Harvest Day!

Posted on: July 7th, 2014 by healing_arts_admin

Did you know that today 7/6/14 is National Lavender Harvest Day?
Makes sense as I stroll through my garden this afternoon & my Lavender plants are emitting their strongest scent of the season. Best day to harvest your Lavender, to capture its full essence! So I just harvested about half of each plants, leaving 1/2 the flowers for the bees & butterflies who seem to be enjoying them just as much as me.
To celebrate Lavender harvest Day, I will be offering 20& off all Lavender Aromatherapy purchased this week, July 6th-12th, 2014.
Lavender is probably my all time favorite essential oil & the one I always have packed in my first aid kit b/c it’s uses are so plentiful!
Lavender can be used to help you sleep, relax, soothe a wound or burn, soothe a bee sting (found myself using it for that once!), soothe your children, it is antiseptic, antibacterial, it should be used in hospitals in my opinion. Today I give thanks for this magical flowering plant we call Lavender.
Oh my house smells divine right now!

St.John’s Wort

Posted on: July 6th, 2014 by healing_arts_admin
St. john's Wort Hood River

St. john’s Wort Hood River

I was drawn to make St. John’s Wort oil on my recent trip to Hood River Oregon. So many synchronicities of St. John’s Wort this week, I’ve always wanted to make my own oil as I know St. John’s is supposed to be a deep ruby red oil, when I have ordered it in the past it has been a brown red color, I’ve always wanted to make my own, in hopes of achieving the ruby red color. Then I picked up a Mercury newspaper in Portland, under a Summer Fun article, one of the things it said to do was harvest St. John’s flowers to make an oil. Next thing I know we are by the Columbia River with a massive patch of yellow St.John’s Wort Flowers, as far as the eye can see! It’s funny how herbs really will call you, it made me think of my teacher, Bill Mitchell, who was often called to different plants to make tinctures, oils and salves. I also thought fondly of Bill Mitchell while in Hood River Oregon, as it was one of his favorite places on earth & I can see why! Making St. John’s Wort oils is just as easy as putting in a clean glass jar, pouring over some Organic, food grade olive oil or Grapeseed Oil & then putting on a dark shelf for about 4-6 weeks. I hope it turns red!

St. John’s wort oil is a powerful anit-inflammatory that is so beneficial & helpful for:

•  healing of wounds, bruises & varicose veins

• Sun Burn Relief

•  Relaxing sore, tight muscles

• bee stings and poison oak (no wonder it blooms in Summer!)

• Skin care & pain relief after chemotherapy

•Particularly good for nerve injuries!

I had a nerve impingement this year that caused my foot to fall asleep, it was my first “at your age” injury, ee gads! St. John’s Wort saved the day, I rubbed the oil on my foot & took the tincture internally & it healed up in half the time the Doctor said it would. I have also found it effective for Bursas, Bursitis.

In my Cunningham’s magical herbs it says St. John’s wort when harvested midsummer brings protection, health, strength, love, divination and happiness. When put in a jar & placed in a window sill it will protect from Thunderbolts & Lightening, phew! I really need this herb (my son is Thor). St. john’s wort is masculine, ruled by the Sun and the element fire, no wonder it loves to bloom in midsummer.

I just got to say adding to the magical lore of St. John’s Wort, I was just gardening in my yard after our weeklong visit to Hood River, Oregon & to my astonishment, a St. John’s Wort plant randomly grew in my very own garden while I was away… I am just in AWE! of this potent magical herb, that apparently followed me home somehow!

making st. john's wort oil

making st. john’s wort oil

making St. john's oil

making St. john’s oil

making st. john's wort oil

making st. john’s wort oil