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Abundance Reiki Class 10/4/14 Become a Winner!

Posted on: September 23rd, 2014 by healing_arts_admin
Abundance Reiki

Abundance Reiki

I am so excited to tell you about all the testimonials from our last Prosperity Reiki Class! In addition, I had my own sweet success of winning $1000.00  from a Lottery Scratch Ticket purchased the morning of my last Reiki class! Coincidence?! I'm pretty sure it came from the increased abundance vibration created with Reiki!

Several of my students from that class had amazing benefits, too, here are a few testimonials they said I could share:

"I so recommend this class for everyone, I feel like I'm in a natural energy flow now, like a current, incredible things are coming to me without even trying, I am self employed & my business has just taken off during the 21 days transformation cycle, for the first time in my life, I want to look at my bank account everyday,  can't wait to take level 2" Katherine P.


"I feel blessed to have found this class, just when I needed it most, I was suffering w/ chronic health issues, unable to work, made worse by my constant fear and worry of losing my home. I really couldn't afford to take this class, but now I see I coudln't afford not to. I changed my story. My health has improved & I have become a money magnet, able to receive funds I needed, I can't believe what a difference a day made. Thanks a million" Janine W.

"I'm a bodyworker who was experiencing extreme fatigue, adrenal depletion and thinking I'd give up doing bodywork if I couldn't get my health in check.  I went to Terri for a Massage and she recommend I add Reiki to my toolbox because it could help me as well as giving me a modality I could do that would not wear me out so much.  So I took Reiki 1 class, right after the attunement I felt my energy come flooding back. We learned how to do Reiki self care, which I have done almost everyday since the class, I feel re-born.  My clients have enjoyed receiving Reiki, too, some of them are reaching much deeper levels of relaxation than ever before.  I feel like I can go on as a bodyworker, this Reiki class saved my health and my career!"  Tammy G.

"I am a nurse and I just decided to take a Reiki class in Seattle, on a whim because I thought it might help with my low energy levels, since I sometimes work 14 hour shifts 3 days in a row. I've gained so much more than just energy! The Reiki self care techniques have really taught me how to rejuvenate myself, so that I have more to give, it also helps me sleep better (I've had insomnia for years).


Who will benefit from Abundance Reiki course?

• If you are needing change or transformation in your life.

• If you have tried to manifest great things but it has happened yet.

• If you are seeking inspiration & energy to create something more.

• If you want to increase your energetic frequency to attract abundance

• If you are seeking a powerful new way to improve your life.

• If you are ready to release the blocks and old stories holding you back.

• If you want to learn self healing.

Increase your energy frequency, improve your life!


Next Reiki 1 Class for Abundance will be

Saturday 10/4/14

Sign up w/ a $50 deposit

(paypal button on our homepage)

Whose afraid of the big bad wolf?

Posted on: September 11th, 2014 by healing_arts_admin
Whose afraid of Mercury Retrograde?

Whose afraid of Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury Retrograde 10/4/14 which just happens to be the date of my next REIKI 1 CLASS! But whose afraid of the big, bad wolf known as Mercury Retrograde? Not me! In actuality Mercury Retrograde is a wonderful time for a Reiki Attunement, as it is a great time to re-program and re-write your script. Yes, as many of my friends and clients tease, I am very Mercury Retrograde superstitious, I don't like to travel, I wouldn't sign important papers or have a life dependent surgery on a Mercury Retrograde. What I would do is re-evaluate my life, rework my schedule, revamp my closet, re-organize my sock drawer, rebirth my creativity. You see, Mercury Retrograde can be a powerful time of reflection, if you go with the flow, slow down and don't fight the electronics. Mercury Retrograde in LIBRA, that is a great time to focus on balance, maybe you have been overdoing it, wasting your energies in scattered ways. Time to refocus on what is really important to you. See Mercury Retrograde is not so scary! This period, we can come up with some incredible inner revelations. Mercury retrograde can be a time of heightened inner awareness, wonderful for meditation,keeping a journal, revisiting our goals and reviewing, re-editing our story. In my "Mercury Retrograde" Reiki 1 Class we will be focusing on creating more abundance in our lives. The energy of a Mercury Retrograde can be wonderful for removing our blocks and obstacles to our abundance and re-programming our "prosperity tapes", so that we are willing to receive all the Universe has in store for us! I've been very fortunate to have incredibly loyal regular clients, who thankfully value my work and pay me accordingly! I have studied the law of attraction, manifestation and worked on my own prosperity issues to be able to receive all that I deserve in life.  I would love to help empower other LMP’s know that they can make more money with less work, while still serving their clients (in fact serving them better)! Charge what you are worth and you will attract clients who are willing to pay it, you will be giving them better Massage or Reiki sessions because you are not overworking 6 or more clients a day at some discount rates...And you don't have to be a bodyworker to benefit from a Reiki Class, in fact I've been amazed that most of my students have not been bodyworkers, but just people looking to increase their healing through energy work. Sometimes, you may need to re-record your internal mental tapes if you are not receiving all that you deserve! I have done a lot of research and work in this area, myself, as I grew up with some scarcity tapes of my own, growing up middle working class. My parents had a strong work ethic, I believed I had to work so hard to just get by and I have fought that belief!  I can work more like Rumi says "Great work is work you love!" or as Marsha Sinetar put it in her book, "Do what you love, the money will follow!"  Your work can be your greatest joy with the right mindset. How do you feel about the big “M” word… Money? Moola, cash? Do you pay attention to your money, do you account for it? Do you feel and think … "Yes, I deserve to have all the money I need to live in perfect bliss.”  Try saying that. How do you feel, and where in your body do you feel the response to that thought? What is your money vibration? There is a money frequency that allows us to attract more abundance in our lives.  The often quoted verse, "Ask and it is given," is absolutely true, yet you must be at the right frequency to receive and then to hold onto what you receive.  This is why so many people who win the lottery, end up bankrupt just a few years later.  They didn't work on their "havingness", their money frequency wasn't truly ready so they didn't really believe they could have this money.  There was even a woman in the news who had won the lottery, but she was still claiming welfare and receiving food stamps, her mental tapes were clearly still telling her she didn't have enough! There is a universal law of attraction that states "like attracts like." If you believe deep inside that you are worthy, you are abundant, you deserve wealth, you will begin to see the change in your outer world.  It has to come from the inside out though!  When you "believe it" you will see it, not the other way around! Penney Pierce wrote "Frequency", in which she states "If your energy state is high, fast, clear, then your life unfolds effortlessly and in alignment with your destiny.  If you have a slower, low frequency your life can be a series of snags and disappointments." Mercury Retrograde can be a powerful time to increase one's energy frequency & a Reiki Attunement is the best way I know how to do that! Reiki 1 Class is Saturday 10/4/14 9am-5pm (8 CE Credits for bodyworkers, nurses & therapist) You can enroll here with a paypal deposit:
Reiki 1 Class

Harvest Moon Ritual

Posted on: September 4th, 2014 by healing_arts_admin
Moon Painting by Victoria Clark w/ permission

Moon Painting by Victoria Clark w/ permission

Harvest Full Moon in Pisces will be Monday night 9:38pm Pacific time, this incredible Full Moon painting comes with permission from Victoria Clark, follow her page under Vicki Clark to see more of her work. As I sit to write about this Harvest Moon, there is an incredible Stellar Blue Jay, his beak overflowing with hazelnuts from our tree & a squirrel is eating an Italian Plum from our other tree, yes this is Harvest time for sure! Time to gather all our resources for we are about to go into the dark. This Harvest Moon has some incredible healing capacities as the Full Moon Pisces is conjuct Chiron, the Wounded Healer. As Sarah Varcas, Astrologer said, "When Chiron is lit up by a Full Moon there is enormous healing power to ‘download’" Whatever has been ailing you, either physical or emotional, now is a poweful time to heal. Perhaps there are things you have stuffed down, to deal with later, they are beckoning to be released, felt, healed during this Full Moon. Things may just come up unexpectedly, like tears and it may feel like this is going to swallow you whole, but it won't. It'll be okay! My Full Moon ritual will be all about Nourishing the Self! I intend to decorate my dining table with the Harvest Bounty, Sunflowers, plums, Asian Pears, Squash, Corn, garlic, walla walla onions, apples and red ripe tomatoes from the yard. This is a great night for a family feast, that celebrates the harvest. Light an orange candle at the table. Give thanks, give thanks, give thanks for the farmers, for the food, for the shelter, for the family and friends. Reflect on all that you have accomplished this year. And since Pisces is represented as fish afterall, I intend to top off my Full Moon with a decadent bath using Epsom & Himalayan Salts infused with Blue Tansy, ylang ylang, Frankincense & Helichrysum, perhaps I'll throw in a blue colored bath tablet (my son's) just for fun! This weekend's Reiki 2 Class will be quite inspired by the Pisces Full Moon / Chiron mix, talk about downloading Healing Energy! I'm bringing my big Chiron Chime (Acutonics) and plenty of Amethyst crystals to celebrate it. Here's a  Harvest Moon Recipe for Polenta Cakes (as Native Americans call this Corn Moon!) This recipe was taught to be my one of my fave Italian clients, Nancy.

Polenta Cakes:

4 Cups Water (or Chicken Broth for fuller flavor)

2 Cup Cornmeal

3 tbls Butter

1/2 cup Mozzarella (or cheddar)

crushed garlic


salt to taste (optional)

Preheat oven to 375 Bring 4 cups water to boil, stir in your cornmeal and turn down to a simmer, stir in cheese, crushed garlic and oregano, salt, stir well & let simmer for 15-20 minutes until it thickens up.  Use a metal cookie sheet, oiled (I like a thin amount of grapeseed oil b/c it can handle the high heat).  Now drop tablespoons of polenta on the cookies sheet (about cookie size), put in the oven @ 375 for 8 minutes, then flip w/ a spatula &  5 minutes on the other side. You can serve these up with so many things, I have been really into carmelized Walla Walla onions lately, I slice them thin, sautee them in butter (yes, it just has to be butter! It's okay we will need some fat insulation for Winter!).  I might pair this with grilled chicken, yellow squash (b/c we have tons of it).  These Polenta cakes pair really well with soups or chili, too.   Fill it to the brim & don't say when, drink your fill & drink again!  Here's wishing you a bountiful Harvest Moon!