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Signs that might be omens

Posted on: March 24th, 2016 by healing_arts_admin
do you believe in angels?

do you believe in angels?

signs that might be omens

signs that might be omens

I can't shake the James Taylor song with the line, "and signs that might be omens say I'm going, going..." As many of my clients & friends know, I'm contemplating moving away from Seattle (I have such a big mouth, I can't seem to keep it secret though I know I should!)  Today while I was walking my dog, I just asked Spirit to give me some sort of signs that this is the right direction to go, could be in the form of Hummingbirds, 4 leaf clovers or seeing Angels I thought.  Well I turned the very next corner & saw an incredible statue of Mary, on a street I have walked about a million times & I've never noticed her before...Then a block up was a statue of St. Francis of Assisi, which must be for my husband b/c he had the prayer to Francis of Assisi inside his toolbox when I first met him & I thought, you're not like the other boys! Then of course Hummingbirds were everywhere, sipping red flowering currant blooming everywhere, so that's almost not surprising on this beautiful Spring day!

Then I saw this incredible mosaic of Mother Mary with the gold pieces shining brightly in my eyes, how on earth have I never seen this before? I swear she was speaking to me! I had to take a picture to prove I had not dreamed her! Then, I went to the library & up on Greenwood near the site of the gas explosion I saw this incredible golden angel @ Rosewood Guitar (top photo), just breathtaking!

So I guess I got my answer? How about you do you believe in signs?

And speaking of signs, maybe this is a sign that you should sign up for

Reiki 2 Class Saturday 4/23/16 9-5

because it is almost FULL & I know many of you want to take this one!  I'm hoping to have another Reiki 1 in May & possibly one last REIKI 3 class in May or June as well...keep checking back to see!

Reiki Abundance Class

Posted on: March 4th, 2016 by healing_arts_admin
Lucky Reiki

Reiki for Abundance Class Saturday 3/19/16

Open to anyone, not just for bodyworkers!

I”m often asked how does Reiki increase abundance? I was always interested in Law of Attraction, but had limited success until I became a Reiki Master. Once my energy ran higher, I could manifest anything I wanted effortlessly, truly! For instance, I had a passing thought, I need to get another massage table because my Reiki classes are filling up, I need 2 tables now. Later that afternoon, a client said, “we are clearing out my dad’s house & he has a brand new massage table, could you use it?” Effortless! So many Synchronicities like this occur, I started a Synchronicity journal to keep track of them.

In Reiki 1 class for Abundance you receive a Reiki Attunement, which opens energy centers in your body to increase your energetic vibration & begin a 21 day cycle of transformation. We do exercises and meditations to increase your “Money Frequency” to be able to attract more. Sometimes, you may need to re-record your internal mental tapes that you learned from parents, teachers, peers who may have told you money stories such as “you must work hard & then there’s never enough” these stories can drive your life like a monkey driving you down the wrong path. I’ve done extensive research in law of attraction and creating abundance, as I grew up with scarcity tapes from my middle class, work hard at a job you hate background. As a result, I have successfully had my own bodywork business since 1999 & I prefer to work as Kahlil Gibran said, “Work is love made visible.” Or as Marsha Sinetar put in her book, “Do what you love, the money will follow.”

Do you pay attention to your money, energetically? Do you look at your accounts with a YES! I deserve all this money & more attitude? Or do you ignore your money, like an old garden being overrun with weeds? How do you feel about paying bills, grateful or resentful? This all relates to your “Money Frequency.” If your money frequency runs strong & full of energy, then your life unfolds in alignment with all you desire. If your frequency is low, you will have a problem with “havingness” & your life may become a series of obstacles and disappointments, money coming in and then going out immediately. Like the woman who won the lottery but got arrested for using food stamps, her “Money Frequency” had not caught up to her abundant state, she didn’t believe in her “havingness.” She needed to increase her energetic frequency to hold onto her wealth.

My client testimonials speak volumes about the effect of this Abundance Reiki class, we have had students who won the lottery, were given free housing (in Seattle?!)), changed jobs, received a big severance then doubled their wages in a better place to work, gifted money unexpectedly & a tons of miracles I hear everyday from my students. This student put it best:

I recommend this class for everyone, I'm in a natural energy flow now, like a strong electrical current, incredible things come to me without trying, I’m self employed & my business has tripled since this class, I finally bought a home in Seattle, a lifelong dream! For the first time in my life, I want to look at my bank account everyday & I am debt free for the first time in 11 years!! I can't wait to take level 2" Katherine P.