2017 NYE

Posted on: January 1st, 2017 by healing_arts_admin
Best Massage in Bend, Oregon

Best Massage in Bend, Oregon

Calendar 2017 January 1st : The New Beginning. The commencement of a new cycle of 9 years (9 Star Ki). February 11th : Annular Lunar Eclipse. February 26th : Annular Solar Eclipse. March 20th : Equinox June 21st : Solstice. July 26th: Planetary New Year August 7th : Partial Lunar Eclipse August 8th : 8/8 Lion’s Gate Portal August 21st : Total Solar Eclipse September 22nd : Equinox November 11th : 11/11 Portal December 21st : Solstice   New Years Space Clearing Special, have your home cleared for $185 (regularly $233.)  
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