Astrology in Bend

Astrology in Bend

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 "Had the most accurate, wise and inspiring eclipse reading provided by Terri today! I highly recommend her readings to anyone looking for insight into their own life's growth and gifts. Thank you!" Sonya Berg

Astrology Makes a Great Gift!! 

Astrology & Space Clearing

9 Star Ki Astrology Charts for 2018...................................................................$108.

9 Star Ki Astrology is based on 9 different Archetypes, such as Innovator, Mother, Father, Wind, Mountain, etc. Each Archetype relates to different elements such as Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Metal. We are born into a certain Archetype/ Element & each year we journey through another Archetype/Element. Ever notice how one year can be great, followed by a hard year? Each year has an energy to it and knowing what to expect, you can be aligned with the energies of that year, making better choice and improving your life greatly!


Western Astrology Chart with detailed Explanation for 2018..........................................$185. 

A copy of your chart and explanation of all the planetary alignments, as well as predictions for 2018.  (Includes your North Nodes.) Your Western Astrology Chart can tell your life story & help you find your purpose in life. It is a wonderful journey of self exploration.


North Node Western Astrology Chart Reading ................................................................$99.

I love North Node Readings! When we delve into our North Node, we find out r'aison d'etre, our reason to be! Why are we here? What is our Soul's big lessons for this lifetime? What are some past life issues we are still working on? It's all found in the North Nodes!

Feng Shui in Bend, OR

Feng Shui in Bend, OR

Feng Shui & Space Clearings in Bend, OR

$125 an Hour

Feng Shui is an ancient practice to maximize energetic flows within a physical space. Space clearing revitalizes energies in a home, office, building or farm. It's an effective ceremony for clearing stagnant energies, stuck patterns, maleficent forces, sickness, negativity or old astral debris from your home. Each space clearing is uniquely tailored in purpose based on type of property, its occupants and their goals, it can be a profoundly life-changing experience. Before Space Clearing: Do not try to clean or organize your space, leave it exactly how it usually is. Your piles of clutter or mess, tells a story about what areas in the Bagua may need clearing out & energizing. During Space Clearing: First, we find a focus for the Space Clearing ceremony, such as improving health, promoting prosperity, finding love, losing weight, increasing business or selling your property. Then we study the Bagua of the home together to learn its unique elements. Next, Tibetan bells, bowls and pendulums may be used to test energy patterns, reading energies embedded in walls, furniture, objects to sense any disturbances revealed to us, this is an amazing process! Several tools are employed to clear a space such as smudging with Sage and Palo Santo, Reiki, opening gates of 4 directions, salt blue flames, singing bowls, salt water purification, pendulums, Aromatherapy spritzers or more advanced Space Clearing modalities. Once a space has been properly cleared, we increase its energy vibration by bringing higher frequencies in. Recommendations for further Feng Shui transformations are made according to a space’s unique 9 Star Ki, Bagua & occupant’s desires. It may include bringing in energizers like healthy plants, flowers, color changes, object placement, decluttering or moving furniture.  

Space Clearing makes a great housewarming gift!


SMUDGING STUDY: According to Journal of Ethnopharmacology, a scientific study validated ancient knowledge about positive effects of smudging to clear airborne bacteria, viruses and pathogens from a space. Researchers observed medicinal smoke from burning holy wood, Palo Santo and Sage caused 94% reduction of bacterial and viral counts. Smudge smoke purified and disinfected the air, making an environment cleaner causing a complete absence of pathogenic bacteria within a confined space for 48 hours and significantly reduced bacteria an