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Harvest Sale for Astrology, Massage, Reiki & Abundance!!!

Posted on: September 18th, 2017 by healing_arts_admin


Sunflowers by John DeBord

Harvest Moon Sale


Harvest Sale

North Node focus Astrology Chart + Distance Reiki Package       $108 

I took a wonderful Astrology Workshop with Kaypacha (Tom Lescher) this Summer & I am offering this Astrology / Reiki Package to share my newfound gifts. This includes an Astrology Chart, focused on your North Node as that is your Soul’s big life lesson and the work you are here to do, your “raison d’etre” reason for being here! I combine an Astrology Chart with a Distance Reiki healing for a transformative experience (makes a great Xmas gift, too!)

Buy 3 Get 1 Free Massage Session Package                                          $285.

So many of you have asked if I do packages & I do want to reward my regular clients who schedule massages more frequently, so now until 10/5 I am offering this buy 3 get 1 FREE package!

Abundance Workshop on Sunday 10/1  10am-3:30pm                   $108

This class filled up so we moved it to Blissful Heart Yoga Barn & we’ve added a special Shamanic Drumming & Journeying Ceremony with Shamans Steve & Jan in the morning!! It’s going to be a powerful celebration of the Harvest Moon!!

What Abundance Class will do for you:

• Clear Energy Blocks & Limiting Beliefs holding you back from receiving

• Discover your past Money Stories that do not serve you & release them!

• Increase your Energy Vibration to bring you in Alignment with your desires.

• Includes a powerful Meditation to connect to Source

• Increase your Abundance Frequency to Attract more in your life.

In Abundance Workshop we release energy blocks to receiving &  increase your “Abundance Frequency” to be able to attract more. Sometimes, you have to re-record internal mental tapes, learned from parents, teachers, peers who may have told you money stories such as “you must work hard & then there’s never enough” these stories can drive your life like a monkey driving you down the wrong path. My student testimonial: “I recommend this class for everyone, I’m in a natural energy flow now, like a strong electrical current, incredible things come to me without trying, I’m self employed & my business has tripled since this class, I finally bought a home, a lifelong dream! For the first time in my life, I want to look at my bank account every day & I am completely debt free for the first time in 11 years!!” Katherine P.

Abundance mindset

Law of Attraction class in Bend

Reiki 1 Class 10/7  Saturday 10am-5pm                                       $185

In Reiki 1 Class you receive a Reiki Attunement to open energy centers in your hands that allow you to give Reiki Healing Energy to yourself & others. This class is the gift of a lifetime of healing! The Reiki Attunement begins a powerful 21 day cycle of transformation Class size is small & includes hands on healing time. Terie Sandusky is a Reiki Master Teacher with 19 years of Reiki experience. Cost for this class is $185 & it qualifies for 8 CE Hours for Massage, Nursing & other bodywork education requirements. Testimonial from students:
“I’m a bodyworker who was experiencing extreme fatigue, adrenal depletion and thinking I’d have to give up doing bodywork if I couldn’t get my health in check. I went to Terri for a Massage, she recommend I add Reiki to help me as well as giving me a modality I could do that wouldn’t wear me out so much. I took Reiki 1 class and right after the attunement I felt my energy come flooding back. We learned how to do Reiki self care, which I’ve done almost everyday since the class, I feel re-born! My clients have enjoyed receiving Reiki, too, some of them are reaching much deeper levels of relaxation than ever before. I feel like I can go on as a bodyworker, this Reiki class saved my health and my career!” Tammy Gibbons

“I’m a nurse, I decided to take Reiki class on a whim because I thought it might help with my low energy levels, since I sometimes work 14 hour shifts 3 days in a row. I’ve gained so much more than just energy! The Reiki self care techniques have really taught me how to rejuvenate myself, so that I have more to give, it also helps me sleep better (I’ve had insomnia for years)
I’ve also been able to use Reiki on patients when they are waiting for pain medication to kick in, it seems to calm them down and really soothe them until they can get pain relief from their meds. I’m excited to take Reiki 2, so that I can learn distant healing and give Reiki to situations which would also benefit my work and life.” Judy Meier


Free 9 Star Ki Astrology Reading w/ your Massage!

Posted on: December 16th, 2016 by healing_arts_admin
You will be coming into a Fortune!

You will be coming into a Fortune!

Receive a Free 9 Star Ki Astrology Reading for 2017

When you come in for a Massage (or free with Massage Gift Certificate!)

Purchase your Massage Gift Certificate here online!


Gift Certificates

8 Great Ways to Clear your Space!

Posted on: October 16th, 2016 by healing_arts_admin


SOLSTICE Space Clearing Bend, OR

8 Great Ways to Clear Your Space

 Spring is a wonderful time to clear your space! 

Also, When you are starting a new project

When you first move into a new home

 after you have had an argument with someone

after an illness or death in the family

before implementing Feng Shui

Before making a big life change



1   Clear the Clutter

As Karen Kingston says in her book Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui, “Clutter is stuck energy!”  When I do space clearing for people, I always ask that they leave the clutter where it is just until we do the clearing.  Clutter tells a story in the Bagua, maybe someone is trying to get a new job, but they have old newspapers and magazines filling up their career corner, maybe they want a relationship but their dining room table which is in their relationship corner is covered with work files…Feng Shui is so psychological!

Remember these simple 4 questions for each item in your house “do I love it? Do I use it? Do I need it? Does it evoke a positive feeling or make me smile?”  If you can’t answer a resounding Yes, then donate it, recycle it or trash it!  Here’s another fun way to get rid of a few things, put several things you don’t use in a box that you put out of sight for 6 months.  When you get the box out, see if you can remember each item that is in there, anything you can’t remember must not be important so you then get rid of it!


2   Clear the Space with Sound

I went to the best housewarming party once, where everyone was asked to bring an instrument, rattle, sound maker, could be a rain-stick or just 2 spoons to clink together.  30 or so of us just made music (or you might say noise) throughout this newly bought home, the space felt so clear afterwards.

I like to use Tibetan bells to go through a space and listen to the energy of it. When you clink the 2 bells together it should be a long chime, but in some areas of the house the chime may fall flat or dense.  That is where you need the most clearing!  Other sound tools are chimes, brass bowls, tuning forks, drums.  You can clear a space by chanting OHM, which imbues infinite, unlimited positive energy.  You can clear a space by clapping your hands (this works well at the office if you need a quick clearing after a hard meeting). Or just turn on the stereo with your favorite tunes, sing along and see how that shifts the space.


3   Clearing with the Blue Flame (fire)

I call this clearing technique “the big guns” because it is reserved for clearing after a death, prolonged illness, if you sense an entity/ghost in your house or if you have just moved in and you want to clear out all that has been there before.  There is fire involved so always have a fire extinguisher, water and a blanket handy.

I use a heavy duty clay pot, you could use a thick aluminum pan, but it will get hot!  Place one cup Rock Salt into your pot, pour rubbing alcohol over the salt, just enough to cover.  Place the pot in the room you wish to clear, on a fireproof surface.  Light a match and drop it into the rock salt.  A large blue flame will appear. Keep your intention on the blue flame to clear out any unwanted energies, you may ask the blue flame, “Please draw into your flame any negativity, energy, entities that do not belong here in this space, let this space be cleared by the blue flame.”  Meditate upon the blue flame imagining all negativity and unwanted energies going into the blue flame and dissolving.  When you feel the space has cleared, dowse the salt with water, using potholders bring the pot to the sink to be sure it’s completely out.



blue flame space clearing

blue flame space clearing






4   Smudging, Incense & Aromatherapy (Air)

Smoke has traditionally been used in spiritual practices such as the incense at Catholic churches, burning sage at funeral ceremonies and sticks of incense at Buddhist temples.  The smoke can carry our prayers to Great Spirit.

Sage is the most common smudge used in Native American ceremonies. I like Sage for clearing out a space, especially after a death or negativity. Sweet grass is a healing smudge and Cedar is good for grounding.  Traditionally you would use a smudge stick held over an abalone shell, using a feather to waft the smoke about the room.  You can use the burning smudge to clear yourself, using the feather to waft smoke from your feet to the top of your head.

Another favorite smudging stick is Palo Santo, which means “holy wood” it comes from Peru. It is said that while Sage clears out, Palo Santo brings good things in, such as abundance, health and love. Palo Santo always gives me amazing dreams, so I like to burn it at night in gratitude for my day.

You can also burn incense to clear a space my favorite is Shoyeido.

Aromatherapy is a wonderful way to clear a space, either using a vaporizer or spritzer.  Lemongrass and Cedar are the best purifiers to clear out old, stagnant energy.



5   Purifying with Sun/ Moon Water O’PonoOpono

Opono'opono Blue Bottles

Opono’opono Blue Bottles


Water like smoke has ancient spiritual properties, such as Holy Water used for baptismal, Mikveh sacred bathing ritual or the water at Lourdes that is used for healing.  Water cleansing rituals are most effective in Spring.

Hawaiian Kahunas believe in placing water in blue bottles in the sunlight to create solar charged healing water (O’ponopono) that you can drink to clear dark spots on your soul.  This water can be used for clearing a space, too.

Salt water is great for space clearing, place 3 tablespoons of sea salt or Himalayan pink salt (or combination) in a bowl of water.  You can sprinkle the water around your room with intention saying a mantra such as “by the power of this salt and water may this room be cleansed, let these healing waters clear this space.”  Salt water is perfect for clearing crystals or trinkets.  Epsom Salt baths are a great way to clear your body, detoxifying and renewing!

A water fountain is another way to bring the power of water into your home, especially beneficial in the wealth corner.

6   Stones and Plants to clear & protect your space (Earth)

Selenite Stone can be used to create a protective grid inside your home.  You place Selenite on all the windowsills and doorways within your home.

Several plants are protective in nature. For outside my favorite combination is Lavender and Rosemary to protect.  Inside any plants that contain white in the leaves such as Philodendron, Dracaena, Spider plants, these will clear the air, natural oxygenators they also protect from radiation.

Himalayan Pink Salt Rock lamps are also wonderful air purifiers and they produce negative ions (like a day at the beach!)


7   Sealing and protecting your space with Reiki Symbols or other meaningful symbols. 

In Reiki 2 we learn traditional Reiki symbols for protecting a space and making it impermeable by outside forces.  If you don’t have access to the Reiki symbols, you can choose other spiritual symbols to protect your space, such as a cross, an Om symbol or an image of a golden rose.  Egyptians used the symbol of the beetle or cabachon to protect. All of these symbols have been used traditionally to protect a space or person.  You just draw the symbol on every window and door throughout your home, with the intention of protecting the space.



8   Bring in the Energizers

Now that your space is cleared, cleaned and protected you are ready for some Energizers. Energizers are those items that uplift, stimulate energy and bring joy to your life.  Some examples are plants, lights, moving water (fountain or aquarium), flowers, art and pets.  Energizers raise the energy frequency in a home.  I personally love Peonies when it is Peony season (usually late May) I have Peonies all over my home. Peonies lift my spirits.  What lifts your spirit?



If you are interested in purchasing Smudging supplies we will be selling Sage & Palo Santo in our store very soon.

We also sell a variety of Aromatherapy Spritzers, you can personalize your own blend with a choice of over 50 oils!




Back To School Massage Specials!

Posted on: August 20th, 2016 by healing_arts_admin
Back to School Massage Special!!!

Back to School Massage Special!!!

Starting 9/7/16

in celebration of Back to School

Massage Specials!

60 minute Massage for $55.

90 Minute Massage for $95.

60 Minute REIKI session $58.

Tibetan Gong Bath Sound Healing Session $78.

Back to School Massage Specials are available

Tuesday thru Friday

10AM-2:30pm only!

Back to School weekly REIKI classes:

Monday morning Reiki Miracles Class 10am-noon

$25 a week


Reiki Abundance Class

Posted on: March 4th, 2016 by healing_arts_admin

Lucky Reiki

Reiki for Abundance Class Saturday 3/19/16

Open to anyone, not just for bodyworkers!

I”m often asked how does Reiki increase abundance? I was always interested in Law of Attraction, but had limited success until I became a Reiki Master. Once my energy ran higher, I could manifest anything I wanted effortlessly, truly! For instance, I had a passing thought, I need to get another massage table because my Reiki classes are filling up, I need 2 tables now. Later that afternoon, a client said, “we are clearing out my dad’s house & he has a brand new massage table, could you use it?” Effortless! So many Synchronicities like this occur, I started a Synchronicity journal to keep track of them.

In Reiki 1 class for Abundance you receive a Reiki Attunement, which opens energy centers in your body to increase your energetic vibration & begin a 21 day cycle of transformation. We do exercises and meditations to increase your “Money Frequency” to be able to attract more. Sometimes, you may need to re-record your internal mental tapes that you learned from parents, teachers, peers who may have told you money stories such as “you must work hard & then there’s never enough” these stories can drive your life like a monkey driving you down the wrong path. I’ve done extensive research in law of attraction and creating abundance, as I grew up with scarcity tapes from my middle class, work hard at a job you hate background. As a result, I have successfully had my own bodywork business since 1999 & I prefer to work as Kahlil Gibran said, “Work is love made visible.” Or as Marsha Sinetar put in her book, “Do what you love, the money will follow.”

Do you pay attention to your money, energetically? Do you look at your accounts with a YES! I deserve all this money & more attitude? Or do you ignore your money, like an old garden being overrun with weeds? How do you feel about paying bills, grateful or resentful? This all relates to your “Money Frequency.” If your money frequency runs strong & full of energy, then your life unfolds in alignment with all you desire. If your frequency is low, you will have a problem with “havingness” & your life may become a series of obstacles and disappointments, money coming in and then going out immediately. Like the woman who won the lottery but got arrested for using food stamps, her “Money Frequency” had not caught up to her abundant state, she didn’t believe in her “havingness.” She needed to increase her energetic frequency to hold onto her wealth.

My client testimonials speak volumes about the effect of this Abundance Reiki class, we have had students who won the lottery, were given free housing (in Seattle?!)), changed jobs, received a big severance then doubled their wages in a better place to work, gifted money unexpectedly & a tons of miracles I hear everyday from my students. This student put it best:

I recommend this class for everyone, I’m in a natural energy flow now, like a strong electrical current, incredible things come to me without trying, I’m self employed & my business has tripled since this class, I finally bought a home in Seattle, a lifelong dream! For the first time in my life, I want to look at my bank account everyday & I am debt free for the first time in 11 years!! I can’t wait to take level 2″ Katherine P.











Posted on: February 25th, 2016 by healing_arts_admin
Cranes for Leap Year

Cranes for Leap Year

Leap year is a Magical Wishing Day!

Monday 2/29 is LEAP Year, a magical wishing day, I’m gonna celebrate by making 1000 Origami Cranes w/ my kid b/c we have some really big wishes this year (he’s so good at it he’s already started w/ just about 900 to go)! Here is a great Leap Year Meditation:  meditate on emptiness, on potential, on letting go of all your ‘shoulds ofs’ or ‘could haves’. This could be a time to set energy in motion before it has form. Empty your thoughts with a simple meditation like watching the river flow or focusing your gaze on a candle. Let your slate be cleared with potential for ANYTHING to happen!

Release your expectations of outcome (it’s harder than it sounds)…

I will also be lighting some Palo Santo & sending Distance Reiki to many wishes on this day.  If you have a special wish you would like me to send Distance Reiki to, please leave it in the comments & I will include Distance Reiki for you!

If you are interested in taking a Reiki Class or attending a Reiki Circle (you must be Reiki 1 or above for circles), I have just added dates for Spring!