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Art Up Friday the 13th of May the Big One!

Posted on: April 18th, 2016 by healing_arts_admin
Art Up May 13th Big One

Art Up May 13th Big One

Art Up Friday the 13th of May the Big One!

We will be featuring artist Diana Comstock with her latest paintings including Buddha Cats, Peacocks, Artemis and much more!  We will also have mini Reiki & Tibetan Gong Bath healings.

And remember Mom this May with the gift she really wants… A MASSAGE! We have Gift Certificates available online & in office, stay tuned to our blog for more Mother’s Day Massage Specials!

Buy ART for Valentines Day!

Posted on: February 7th, 2016 by healing_arts_admin
Diana Comstock Art for Valentines Day!

Diana Comstock Art for Valentines Day!

Come to BAHA 2/12/16 6-8pm for #ART_UP & buy ART for Valentine’s Day!

Featured Artist: Diana Comstock

Paintings inspired by Eastern & Asian Art, animals, magic, dreams, shamanism, Buddhism and symbols.

In addition to art we will have mini Reiki Sessions, Free 9 Star Ki Readings & Voluspa Candles for sale.

Good time to purchase a Valentine’s Day Massage Gift Certificates on Supersale (BOGO) or Aromatherapy gifts.

Scorpio Full Moon Water

Posted on: May 4th, 2015 by healing_arts_admin



Make Scorpio Full Moon water tonight! 5/3/15

Fill a blue glass bottle with water then say empowering words over it or use your REIKI symbols or Reiki hands if you can. Place the jar on a window sill,  in the light of the moon and allow to charge with the Moon’s Energy.  Moon water can be saved for anytime you need energy or empowerment (I personally would not drink it at night, unless you wanted to stay up all night LOL) This SCORPIO FULL MOON will give the water special healing powers of transformation, fertility, sensuality, creativity and strength some of Scorpios special super powers.

You can also collect moon dew, which is powerful medicine by using a dropper to gather dew from plants the morning after a full moon.


Art_UP_Phinney@Ballard_Massage 5/8/15

Posted on: April 19th, 2015 by healing_arts_admin


Art Up 5/8/15 featuring Rich Brisbois

Friday eve 5/8/15 6-8:30pm

they call it the BIG ONE! We will be celebrating w/ libations, snacks, chinese face readings by Misa Bowman, Reiki by Tracy Pitcock, Tibetan Gong Baths by Terri Sandusky.

Be there or be square!

We will also have some great gift ideas for Mother’s Day, like candles, Gift Certificates on sale!