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Sock Cure for the common cold

Posted on: October 18th, 2017 by healing_arts_admin
Sock cure for the common cold

Sock cure for the common cold


Sock Cure for the Common Cold!

 The kids are back in school & that means cold season has officially begun!

I just heard a report that drinking out of a school faucet has more germs

Than drinking out of a school toilet, yuck!  Thank goodness for Klean Kanteen,

I highly recommend telling your child only to drink from their personal water bottle.

Inevitably, you might end up fighting a cold this season, so I thought I’d share my absolute favorite cold remedy: the Sock Cure!  This cold treatment will help your body fight the common cold, reduce congestion, decrease headache and treat coughs.  This cure is not effective for stomach flu per se, but can be used to break a fever with flu.  This remedy is safe and effective for kids and pregnant women, too.  I start with the sock therapy before I give my son medicine for a fever because 9 times out of 10 this will cure his fever.


Here’s what you need:

1 pair ordinary socks

1 pair 85% -100% WOOL socks (I like Smart Wool)

1 bottle of Eucalyptus Smiithi 

(hey I just so happen to have it by Floracopeia in stock if you need!)


So I realize as I write this how you really want all your supplies close at hand & ready, the process takes less than 5 minutes, but it involves your feet, so you’re not going to want to get up and have to get something once you get started, hope that makes sense.  This is a lovely process you can do for each other if you live with others.


  1. First throw the pair of wool socks in the dryer, so they are getting really toasty warm, take them out & have them handy.
  2. Second Rinse the other pair of socks in cold water, ring them out.
  3. Rub the Eucalyptus oil on the bottom of your feet.  It has been clinically proven that Aromatherapy oils will directly enter the blood stream when placed on the bottom of your feet (there are the most receptors there).
  4. Put the cold rinsed, wringed out socks on your feet.
  5. Put the dry, warm wool socks over the wet socks on your feet.
  6. Climb into bed and prepare to sweat.



This process brings all the heat in the body down to your feet to warm the wet feet, this will break a fever and your body will begin to sweat out the cold.  The process of drawing heat down to your feet will also heal a headache and decrease sinus congestion.  The Eucalyptus on your feet will eliminate coughing so you can get deep rest.  I generally just fall asleep with the socks on, but if you prefer to take them off, give it at least 3 hours.  When you take the socks off the inner sock should be completely dry.  If the inner sock is not dry, you may not have had a 80 % Wool sock on the outer.

I learned this Sock Cure from my favorite Bastyr Founder Naturopath Dr. Bill Mitchell.

This Sock remedy has been shown to:

  • • help fight off cold viruses
  • • overcome infections of the throat
  • • reduce coughing, especially at night
  • • clear nasal congestion
  • • treats respiratory sinus infections,
  • • reduces headache & migraine pain
  • • decreases fevers


I like to add to this treatment a bowl of Tom Ka soup, Chili Verde or hot tea to increase the sweat even more.

Of course my other favorite treatment for the common cold is cupping the back of the neck, I’ll write about that one sometime soon. If the sock treatment doesn’t do it, come in & get your neck cupped, this always does the trick!

If you get real sick this season, remember that I also offer Distance Reiki Sessions now, so you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your couch and I can send you some healing Reiki to help you feel better and recover quicker.

Be Well Everyone!


Mother’s Day Massage Special

Posted on: May 4th, 2017 by healing_arts_admin


Treat Mom like a GODDESS for Mother’s Day!

Our Mother’s Day Goddess Package is the ultimate in pampering! Includes Infrared Biomat heat experience, then begins with lavender scented steamy hot towels to relax her aching muscles. Then soothing & nourishing Aromatherapy blend of Avocado, Coconut oils with Arnica, St. John’s Wort and Birch to deeply relax tired mom muscles. This package includes Deep Tissue Massage. For stubborn knots Fire Cupping is included to turn those tight muscles into butter, rejuvenating & revitalizing! Followed by Acutonic Tuning forks & Tibetan Sound Healing with a Gong Bath that brings sound and vibration throughout the body, working like ultrasound to provide deep relaxation and softening the muscles further. Then a full body Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage including Foot Reflexology to pamper tired toes. Includes Aromatherapy of her choice with over 30 scents to choose from & a personalized Aromatherapy Spritzer to take home to remember her special day!

This 90 minute Goddess Package is suitable to Prenatal clients (minus the fire cupping). All of this in a 90 Minute Massage & more ritual would generally cost $185, but for Mother’s Day we are offering all of this for $95!

If you would like to get mom in on the actual Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend, book online soon there are still openings!

To purchase your Goddess Gift Certificate use this Add to Cart button!

Please purchase no later than 5/9/17 to assure prompt delivery by mail in time for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Goddess Pkg

Year of the Fire Rooster!

Posted on: January 27th, 2017 by healing_arts_admin
Year of Fire Rooster!

Year of Fire Rooster!

Gung Hay Fat Choy!!! Year of the Fire Rooster! 

1/27/17 New Moon Aquarius marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year of the Fire Rooster. The Rooster calls Cockadoodle-Doo @ the break of dawn to WAKE US UP! & get us to work on the farm! This year already feels like a Wake Up Call in so many ways.  New Year & New Moons are a great time to “Reboot” & this energy is calling us to make big changes in any area that is not working for us. I just read, if you don’t like where you are right now, MOVE, you’re not a Tree!

A lot of shifts happening this year for many of us, which can be challenging but also exciting… This is a time to learn more, do more, be more, the energy of the Fire Rooster will INSPIRE you to step out of your comfort zone & try something new. It’s a go, go, go kinda year, which can be exhausting so remember to take time out for self care as well.

This year is the most auspicious time for Space Clearing, purging, cleaning out your closets, sock drawers & tidying up.

This year will fare best for Roosters & Dragons.

And if you are looking for a local Chinese New Years Celebration, Oregon Tai Chi will be having a Chinese New Years event Saturday, more info on their site here:

And if you want to know what 2017 holds for you personally, remember that I am offering Free 9 Star Ki Astrology (Chinese Astrology) readings with your Massage or Reiki Session right now! I also do Space Clearings…

Reiki 1 Class for LOVE

Posted on: January 16th, 2017 by healing_arts_admin


Reiki for LOVE!

Reiki for LOVE!

What the World needs now is Love, sweet Love! 

This Reiki Class will focus on LOVE w/ special meditations to heal the Heart Chakra & release any blocks you may have to attracting more LOVE in your life! In Reiki 1 Class you receive a Reiki Attunement to open energy centers in your heart & hands that allows you to give Reiki Healing Energy to yourself & others. A Reiki Attunement begins a powerful 21 day cycle of transformation. Class includes hands on healing time. Terri Sandusky is a Reiki Master Teacher with 18 years of Reiki experience. Cost for this class is $165 & it qualifies for 8 CE Hours

Reiki may help to attract LOVE by increasing your energetic vibration to receive & attract.I have had students meet the love of their lives within the 21 day cycle after their Reiki Attunements!

Testimonials from my Reiki students:
“I’m a bodyworker who experienced extreme fatigue, adrenal depletion and thought I’d have to give up doing bodywork if I couldn’t get my health in check. I went to Terri for a Massage, she recommend Reiki because it could help me as well as giving me a modality I could do that would not wear me out so much. So I took Reiki 1 class and right after the attunement I felt my energy come flooding back. We learned how to do Reiki self care, which I’ve done everyday since the class, I feel re-born. My clients have enjoyed receiving Reiki, too, some of them are reaching much deeper levels of relaxation than ever before. I feel like I can go on as a bodyworker, this Reiki class saved my health and my career!” Tammy Gibbons

“I’m a nurse and decided to take a Reiki class on a whim because I thought it might help with my low energy levels, since I sometimes work 14 hour shifts 3 days in a row. I’ve gained so much more than just energy! The Reiki self care techniques have taught me how to rejuvenate myself, so that I have more to give, it also helps me sleep better (I’ve had insomnia for years)
I also use Reiki on patients when they are waiting for pain medication to kick in, it seems to calm them down until they can get pain relief from their meds. I’m excited to take Reiki 2, so I can learn distant healing and give Reiki to situations which would also benefit my work and life.” Judy Meier

2017 NYE

Posted on: January 1st, 2017 by healing_arts_admin
Best Massage in Bend, Oregon

Best Massage in Bend, Oregon

Calendar 2017

January 1st : The New Beginning. The commencement of a new cycle of 9 years (9 Star Ki).

February 11th : Annular Lunar Eclipse.

February 26th : Annular Solar Eclipse.

March 20th : Equinox

June 21st : Solstice.

July 26th: Planetary New Year

August 7th : Partial Lunar Eclipse

August 8th : 8/8 Lion’s Gate Portal

August 21st : Total Solar Eclipse

September 22nd : Equinox

November 11th : 11/11 Portal

December 21st : Solstice


New Years Space Clearing Special, have your home cleared for $185 (regularly $233.)


NYE 2017 Free Distance REIKI session!

Posted on: January 1st, 2017 by healing_arts_admin
2017 New Years Blessing

2017 New Years Blessing

NYE Free Distance REIKI

NYE Free Distance REIKI





New Years Eve

Free Distance Reiki!



Here are my insights for the Free Distance Reiki I did today NYE 12/31/16.  Just as I sat to begin & had only completed the opening Reiki Symbol, a package arrived from AMMA! It was this beautiful, ceremonial Buddha bowl along with 5 mini packets of ceremonial incenses for New Years, how auspicious & completely unexpected! (Especially since earlier today I synchronistically had run into this gorgeous Golden Buddha!) Already feels like 2017 is going to be an amazing, Golden year! 

This Distance Reiki goes out to all 67 of you who asked for Distance Reiki today, who follow my Reiki Tribe on Facebook, my Bend Reiki Tribe Meet UP page, Kimimi Healing Arts Facebook Page or the Bend Health Guide Facebook page! This is the largest Distance Reiki I have ever done & I could feel such strong energy coming through as if all of you had powerful Reiki straws & as I always say, the more Reiki we give, the more Reiki comes through us! Themes for this Distance Reiki were HEALTH (& recovering from illness) was #1 on the list! Followed by Improved Relationships followed by Manifesting Abundance! I always burn Palo Santo & this holy wood can help us attract the Trifecta of our desires : Health, Love & Wealth, so goes well as these were the main focuses you shared in your comments!

2017 = a 1 Vibration, New Beginnings & I am reminded in Tarot 1st card is Magician, a card strongly associated with 4 Elements of Earth used in Alchemy (Fire, Water, Air, Earth) & the Magician is a bridge between Heaven & Earth.  Infinity symbol above his head reminds us of our own infinite power to manifest! In 9 Star Ki One vibration relates to the element of Water, a free flowing waterfall of healing energy. Water is a Feminine Element, Goddess Energy is strong in 2017, divine feminine rising. One vibration is innovative & creative.

Many of you asked for healing for others, close family members & friends & one message that came through strongly was that the only person who can heal or create change within is YOU, yourself.  So often we want healing for our loved ones, we want to rescue them from their pain, but at the end of the day, it is their own responsibility to pull up their own boot straps & create healing change for themselves! Encourage your loved ones to seek out healing modalities & know that you cannot do this for them, it is their healing path, you can only encourage health.  Still, Reiki was sent to all mentioned & I hope it helps!  I saw many energetic blocks & sticky clogs being cleared as I sent this Reiki & it made me think Reiki is like light infused liquid Draino, drink lots of water all of you b/c some of you will be clearing out some really old gunk, you’ll want water to clear it out, just as you would run the water in your pipes 15 minutes after using Draino! Drink Up!

Moving onto Relationships & LOVE, so much LOVE, I was using my new hot pink Venus Acutonics Fork when I sent Reiki to all the Relationship issues & call for LOVE. Nordic Goddess Freya came to mind, as one to call upon when you are trying to attract or trying to sort out your Love life, I saw her in an emerald green dress (Heart Chakra color!) bejeweled in pearls holding an infant near a river (more Water!), she is a Fertility Goddess, if you wish to improve your LOVE/Heart Chakra adorn yourself in shades of Green & call upon Freya, you can google wonderful images of her & if you call to her she will respond, trust me on this one!

Manifesting Life Purpose & Abundance: when I sent Reiki to manifesting, a clear message was “Distractions” are keeping you from manifesting your life’s callings & receiving your abundance (Ironically as this message came thru my cat knocked over a cup of tea & I had to laugh, it’s these silly kinds of distractions I was just sensing!) could be your family &/or relationship responsibilities pulling you away from your work or Facebook, or texts on your cellphone or even your cat!  These distractions have you feeling stuck in the mud unable to pursue your passions. Be aware of distractions robbing your time, your life, write them down pay attention. More Reiki Draino to this, to clear the blocks & create space for making your dreams a reality in 2017! A need for more solitude, time alone to get clear on what it is you are wanting to create in 2017, unplug, meditate, long walks, journaling, dreamtime, etc. Write it down, make it happen!

As I was wrapping up this Distance Reiki (a whole hour had snuck by!) I was infused with white light & it resonated with me that white is a wonderful color for 2017, new beginnings, a clean slate or how fresh & clear white snow is! I send you all this bright white light of love & blessings for your New Year, thank you for participating! I’d love to hear your insights, too! you can e-mail me at

Focus on powerful, euphoric, magical, synchronistic, beautiful parts of life & the universe will keep giving them to you!

If you are interested in learning Reiki, my next REIKI 1 Class is Saturday 1/14/16 10am-5pm