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Pregnancy Massage proven to improve Labor!

Posted on: April 13th, 2016 by healing_arts_admin
Fertility Acupressure

Fertility Acupressure

Pregnancy Massage does more than just feel good!

Tiffany Field PhD researcher for the Touch Institute in Department of Pediatrics led a study of the benefits of Prenatal Massage for both mother & baby. Massage therapy has been proven to be beneficial during pregnancy.

Women who received massage therapy reported decreased depression, anxiety, reduced leg and back pain. Cortisol levels decreased and excessive fetal activity decreased.  Sleep and sense of well being improved.  The rate of prematurity was lower in the massage group. In a study of labors, women who received massage therapy experienced significantly less pain, less distress and their labors were on average 3 hours shorter with less need for medications.

• Massage therapy is the most common alternative therapy recommended during pregnancy. • Massage therapy has been demonstrated to be effective during pregnancy. The women reported decreased depression, anxiety and less leg and back pain. • In our study on labor pain, women receiving massage therapy experienced significantly less pain and their labors were on average 3 hours shorter with less need for medication. • The most important finding was the lower incidence of prematurity and low birthweight in the massaged women. • Postpartum depression and cortisol levels were decreased in the massaged women. The newborns of the massaged mothers also had lower cortisol levels than the newborns of the control mothers.

Fertility Acupressure Video Streaming on Amazon

Posted on: December 15th, 2014 by healing_arts_admin

My Fertility Acupressure Video is now Streaming on


(for just $1.99 you can learn all the potent points for increasing fertility)

Next Fertility Acupressure Class is Saturday 1/31/14 9am-1pm, cost $45.

And if you know someone who could use a Fertility Acupressure Session, maybe a Gift

Certificate would be nice for Christmas!

You can purchase one here:

Fertility Acupressure Session

be a Good Santa, buy the best massage, not the cheapest!

Posted on: December 10th, 2013 by healing_arts_admin


Sure you could buy a gift certificate @ a place like Massage Envy for $59, but what kind of massage could that be, when their massage therapists are working for what $15 an hour? And what kind of products are they using that they can afford to sell massage so cheaply? It's probably not Organic, Food Grade massage oils like Coconut, Jojoba and grapeseed that you will get at Queen Anne Healing Arts. You probably won't get the Organic, Floracopeia Aromatherapy oils, like my Christmas blend that includes Frankincense and Myrrh. I have had people walking in off the street when they smell it, just to ask me what is that wonderful smell and can they buy some! So be a Good Santa this year, don't just buy the cheapest massage gift certificate, buy the very best massage gift certificate! You can buy your Spa Gift Certificate, here, online! We will mail it out right away & if it's Christmas eve, we can send you an e-mail massage gift certificate that you can print & put under the Christmas Tree, because we are completely compassionate to last minute shopping!
Gift Certificates

Thanksgiving Day OFF for all!

Posted on: November 14th, 2013 by healing_arts_admin
Support Small Business this Holiday Season!

Support Small Business this Holiday Season!

  Have you heard that so many big box businesses will be open on Thanksgiving day? I have chosen not to buy anything this Holiday Shopping Season from companies who are forcing their employees to work on Holidays! Support Small Business this Holiday shopping Season! We will be closed Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve & New Years, to be with our families as it should be! To celebrate small business shopping this Season Queen Anne Healing Arts is offering a special Holiday Gift Certificate Sale, now through 12/1/13, you can buy a gift certificate for $58.00 which can be used for one hour, your choice of Massage, Reiki, Fertility Acupressure, Animal Reiki, Hot Stone Massage, Pregnancy Massage, cupping therapy, Aromatherapy or any of our many Spa services! This offer is a 40% savings! You can purchase from home, in your free time, knowing that no one will be working a holiday to make this happen! Guilt Free Shopping this season... Happy Holidays, to you and yours! May you enjoy this season with those you love and be able to take some serious time off work!

Distance Reiki Healing

Posted on: October 24th, 2013 by healing_arts_admin
Distance Reiki Healing for Christmas!

Distance Reiki Healing for Christmas!

Distance Reiki Healings available @ Queen Anne Healing Arts! 

Like a bridge over troubled waters...

"So what is distance healing?" I've heard my clients ask... Using powerful Reiki symbols, Reiki energy can be transmitted through time and space for healing a person, animal, space or a situation.  People, animals, places and even situations hold a particular energy frequency.  Reiki energy can influence that frequency in positive ways even from a distance! Distance Reiki Healings can empower one’s own intention towards healing or improving a situation. I have seen amazing results using distance Reiki for Cancer, illness, fertility, recovery from injury , hospice and getting a job! I have benefited from distance reiki myself for treating migraine, it can literally stop the migraine cycle.  Distance Reiki Healings can speed up the healing process after injury or surgery.  Distance Reiki restores balance on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level. Reiki healings can traverse time and space, so you can even send healing to a situation that has already occurred. There is no limit to what a distance Reiki Healing Session can be used for.   Distance Reiki Healing can help:   • Surgery,  Distance Reiki can be sent at exact time of surgery to infuse it w/ healing energy! • Fertility • An interview or important business meeting • Post-traumatic stress • Releasing an addiction • Weight Loss • Resumes and/or business proposals • Relationship issuesBuying or Selling Real Estate • Pain control, injury and recovery. • Headaches &/0r Migraines • Insomnia (don’t call me @ 3am !) • Spiritual supportHospice Support, end of life issues   Your Distance Reiki Healing begins with a 15-20 minute phone call to discuss what you would like Reiki sent to.  Then the Distance Reiki occurs & there is a follow up call later to talk about anything that came up during the distance Reiki session. Right now, through the Winter Solstice, I am offering a first time Distance Reiki Session for $58 (normally $98) You can purchase this using this Paypal button & it can be used for a Christmas Gift Certificate!  Because everybody has enough stuff, right? Why not give the gift of healing?

Citysearch Best Massage

Posted on: May 21st, 2013 by healing_arts_admin
citysearch best massage

citysearch best massage I am nominated for Best Massage in Seattle, please Vote, I promise I'll still get ya in!