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Year of the Fire Rooster!

Posted on: January 27th, 2017 by healing_arts_admin
Year of Fire Rooster!

Year of Fire Rooster!

Gung Hay Fat Choy!!! Year of the Fire Rooster! 

1/27/17 New Moon Aquarius marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year of the Fire Rooster. The Rooster calls Cockadoodle-Doo @ the break of dawn to WAKE US UP! & get us to work on the farm! This year already feels like a Wake Up Call in so many ways.  New Year & New Moons are a great time to "Reboot" & this energy is calling us to make big changes in any area that is not working for us. I just read, if you don't like where you are right now, MOVE, you're not a Tree!

A lot of shifts happening this year for many of us, which can be challenging but also exciting... This is a time to learn more, do more, be more, the energy of the Fire Rooster will INSPIRE you to step out of your comfort zone & try something new. It's a go, go, go kinda year, which can be exhausting so remember to take time out for self care as well.

This year is the most auspicious time for Space Clearing, purging, cleaning out your closets, sock drawers & tidying up.

This year will fare best for Roosters & Dragons.

And if you are looking for a local Chinese New Years Celebration, Oregon Tai Chi will be having a Chinese New Years event Saturday, more info on their site here:

And if you want to know what 2017 holds for you personally, remember that I am offering Free 9 Star Ki Astrology (Chinese Astrology) readings with your Massage or Reiki Session right now! I also do Space Clearings...

Now offering Massage & Reiki in Bend, Oregon!

Posted on: August 8th, 2016 by healing_arts_admin
#Bendlife Massage

#Bendlife Massage

get your Holiday Massage Gift Certificates by 12/21/15

Posted on: December 9th, 2015 by healing_arts_admin
13 days to order your Holiday Massage Gift Ceritificate!

13 days to order your Holiday Massage Gift Ceritificate!

Only 13 days left to order your Holiday Massage Gift Certificate to make sure it gets under the XMAS Tree in time!

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We'll be selling Xmas Aromatherapy products including a spritzer of Fir Balsam, Spruce & Cedar, bring your Xmas Tree back to life with this enchanting forest blend! Misa Bowman will be giving 9 Star Ki Astrology readings to predict what 2016 may hold for you!

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Tibetan Gong Bath

Posted on: November 6th, 2015 by healing_arts_admin
Tibetan Gong Bath

Tibetan Gong Bath

Tibetan Gong Bath @ East / West Bookshop w/ Suren

Thursday 11/5/15 Suren, my teacher, hosted a Tibetan Gong Bath, it was sold out! He is such an inspiring being of light. I brought my husband & 8 year old. My son's favorite moment was being blessed w/ the holy water & roses by Suren.

I have fallen in love with giving Tibetan Gong Baths & they are now an integral part of my Reiki Classes.

My next REIKI 1 Class is Saturday 11/14/15, sign up to receive both a Reiki Attunement & a Tibetan Sound Healing, which is now included.

Relaxation Day 8/15/15

Posted on: August 9th, 2015 by healing_arts_admin


Saturday 8/15/15 is Relaxation Day!

Sometimes I feel so lazy on my Sundays off but then I look at my cat & think I could be even lazier! Maybe take a cat nap, follow his lead, just do what Frankie said &


And remember Amy has a great Massage special for $33 off your first Massage with her on SUNDAYS! Of course Massage tops the list for ways to relax!  here's some other ways:

8 Great Ways to RELAX

(see if you can accomplish all of these relaxation techniques today!!!)

    1. Massage increases relaxation by increasing oxytocin, the feel good hormone!  It also reduces cortisol, the stress hormone.  Studies have shown that getting one massage a month helps you relax and improves immune function by increasing Natural Killer (NK) cells.
    2. Walk.  Sneak out of the office or house and go for a long walk!  Walking releases endorphins, reduces stress and is my favorite way (next to massage) to relax.  Pay attention to all the sights, sounds sensations on your walk, allow yourself to be immersed and forget about anything that may have been worrying you.  Thich Nhat Hahn has this walking meditation: The mind can go in a 1,000 directions, but on this beautiful path I walk in peace.  With each step, a gentle wind blows, with each step, a flower blooms.
    3.  Garden gardening is like therapy you can eat! Grow vegetables, fruit and flowers.  There is something so relaxing about having your hands in the soil.  If all you have is a windowsill, you can still grow herbs and flowers.  It’s uplifting to see plants growing and blooming before your eyes.
    4. Cat NAPS!  Also releases Oxytocin plus Dopamine both feel good, 20 minutes is best, more than that you can mess up your sleep cycles for nighttime sleeping.
    5. Chocolate is a mood elevator!  Dark chocolate also release oxytocin, now health studies have shown it’s good for your heart!
    6. Epsom Salt Bath  Light some candle, sink into a hot Epsom Salt Bath with some soothing Aromatherapy such as Lavender, Ylang Ylang or geranium.  The Epsom Salts will soften all the fascia in your muscles, release lactic acid and detoxify you, ahhh relaxing!
    7. Mantras.  Say my favorite Mantra whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, “It doesn’t Matter!” because truly if you have your health, family is healthy, no one is bleeding, everything else really does.not.matter!  Don’t stress the small stuff, it’s all small stuff!
    8.  Breathe and Meditate….Imagine a warm,  orange colored liquid pouring into the top of your head, flowing down through your body, bathing every cell in a warm, orange glowing light, allow it to disentigrate any negativity.

Tibetan Singing Bowls for Healing

Posted on: June 3rd, 2015 by healing_arts_admin
Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing

Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing

Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy or "GONG Bath!"

Last month I was truly blessed to study with the legendary Suren Shrestha, who wrote the book, "How to Heal with Singing Bowls, traditional Tibetan healing methods."  Suren was born and raised in Nepal, where he was immersed in the healing traditions of Tibetan Singing Bowls.  He now shares his healing wisdom with the Western world from his home base in Boulder, Colorado. He also sells the worlds finest Tibetan Singing bowls & a large percentage of the profits go to support an orphanage in Nepal. I fell in love with the bowl I was privileged to play during the 5 day course I took and ended up bringing that one home...I have been playing it daily since, even for my Reiki classes! Those of you who have been in for a Massage recently have experienced a "Gong Bath" first hand, this is where the Tibetan Singing Bowl is filled with hot water, then played on the body.  The result is deep sounds from the bowl, that seem to emanate from within the body, you really become one with the sound.  For me, the greatest healing result of a Tibetan Singing Bowl Gong Bath is deeper sleep...I have suffered with some amount of insomnia my whole life, but after receiving a Gong Bath, I slept like never before! Several of my clients have reported much deeper sleep after their session with the bowl.  One client fell asleep for 5 minutes after her gong bath & when she awoke, startled, she said, "Why did you let me sleep for all those hours?!" I said, "it was just 5 minutes." She couldn't believe it, she said she thought she had been asleep for days. I can't wait to purchase all 7 Tibetan Singing Bowls form Suren (I'm saving up, as this is quite an investment!) but then I will be able to do the traditional 7 Bowl Technique that he is famous for! If you haven't had your Tibetan Gong Bath, schedule your session soon!