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Sock Cure for the common cold

Posted on: October 18th, 2018 by healing_arts_admin
Sock cure for the common cold

Sock cure for the common cold


Sock Cure for the Common Cold!

 The kids are back in school & that means cold season has officially begun!

I just heard a report that drinking out of a school faucet has more germs

Than drinking out of a school toilet, yuck!  Thank goodness for Klean Kanteen,

I highly recommend telling your child only to drink from their personal water bottle.

Inevitably, you might end up fighting a cold this season, so I thought I’d share my absolute favorite cold remedy: the Sock Cure!  This cold treatment will help your body fight the common cold, reduce congestion, decrease headache and treat coughs.  This cure is not effective for stomach flu per se, but can be used to break a fever with flu.  This remedy is safe and effective for kids and pregnant women, too.  I start with the sock therapy before I give my son medicine for a fever because 9 times out of 10 this will cure his fever.

Here’s what you need:

1 pair ordinary socks

1 pair 85% -100% WOOL socks (I like Smart Wool)

1 bottle of Eucalyptus (Ravensara works wonders, too!)

Have everything at hand, this process takes less than 5 minutes, but it involves your feet, so you’re not going to want to get up and have to get something once you get started.

  1. First throw a pair of wool socks in the dryer for a few minutes, so they get really toasty warm, take them out & have them handy.

  2. Second Rinse the other pair of socks in cold water, ring them out.

  3. Rub the Eucalyptus oil on the bottom of your feet.  It has been clinically proven that Aromatherapy oils will directly enter the blood stream when placed on the bottom of your feet (there are the most receptors there).

  4. Put cold rinsed, wringed out socks on your feet.

  5. Put the dry, warm wool socks over the wet socks on your feet.

  6. Climb into bed and prepare to sweat.

This process brings all the heat in the body down to your feet to warm the wet feet, this will break a fever and your body will begin to sweat out the cold.  The process of drawing heat down to your feet will also heal a headache and decrease sinus congestion.  The Eucalyptus on your feet will eliminate coughing so you can get deep rest.  I generally just fall asleep with the socks on, but if you prefer to take them off, give it at least 3 hours.  When you take the socks off the inner sock should be completely dry.  If the inner sock is not dry, you may not have had a 80 % Wool sock on the outer.

I learned this Sock Cure from my favorite Bastyr Founder Naturopath Dr. Bill Mitchell.

This Sock remedy has been shown to:

  • • help fight off cold viruses

  • • overcome infections of the throat

  • • reduce coughing, especially at night

  • • clear nasal congestion

  • • treats respiratory sinus infections,

  • • reduces headache & migraine pain

  • • decreases fevers

I like to add to this treatment a bowl of Tom Ka soup, Chili Verde or hot tea to increase the sweat even more.

Of course my other favorite treatment for the common cold is cupping the back of the neck, I’ll write about that one sometime soon. If the sock treatment doesn't do it, come in & get your neck cupped, this always does the trick!

If you get real sick this season, remember that I also offer Distance Reiki Sessions now, so you don't even have to leave the comfort of your couch and I can send you some healing Reiki to help you feel better and recover quicker.

Be Well Everyone!

Santa’s Birds beats Elf on the Shelf!

Posted on: November 11th, 2016 by healing_arts_admin


Forget the Elf on the Shelf, tell your kids about Santa's Birds! Not only are Santa's Birds free, but they are everywhere!  My mom always told us that Santa's Birds were watching us, so we better be good.  She even told us to clean our rooms because Santa's Birds would tell if our room was a mess.  My oldest brother & I cleaned our rooms diligently, my middle brother was genius enough just to draw the shades down, wish I had thought of that!

My son has told me he has even seen Santa's Birds on the playground at school and it made him think twice about being good...You never see that Elf on the Shelf showing up on the playground...Plus sometimes Santa's birds can even be found peering into classroom windows,  living room windows and in your backyard, they are everywhere!

So forget the Elf on the Shelf, just tell your kids Santa's Birds on watching them, so they better be nice & naughty!

Full Moon Infused Oils

Posted on: November 11th, 2016 by healing_arts_admin
oils blessed by Full Moon

oils blessed by once in a lifetime SUPERMOON

On the Eve of this Supermoon I made Moonlit Infused Aromatherapy Infusions!

I decided to make my favorite Aromatherapy Blends just in time to be infused w/ the Full Moon Energy of this powerful Lunar eclipse we will be having on Friday!

I made Abundance, Immunity, LOVE & Fertility blends utilizing O’ponopono blue water for the spritzers & all organic, ethically harvested oils. Then of course I Reiki’d the blends w/ powerful Reiki Symbols!

Abundance Oil contains Orange, Cinnamon, Clove, Frankincense, Myrrh, Star Anise, Amber, Cedar, Fir Balsam & Patchouli. All of these oils are money magnets, especially useful in the Fall when we harvest our abundance!

Immunity Oil contains Eucalyptus Globulus, Red Eucalyptus, Ravensara, Oregano, Clove, Tulsi (Holy Basil) ,cinnamon leaf, lemongrass, Orange & Fir Balsam. These oils were used during the time of the plague, by thieves, to ward off illness as they took watches, shoes and clothing of those who had died plague, pretty morbid history, but it does illustrate the effectiveness of these essential oils for decades before! My favorite application of Immunity oil is to put it on your feet when doing the wool sock remedy, anytime you feel a cold coming on. This is a strong oil, so I do not recommend putting it anywhere near your face, better for chest & feet. Immunity spritzer is great for clearing a space where illness has been.

LOVE is St. Johns wort, Sandalwood, Rose & Ylang Ylang & is a powerful uplifter for Winter duldrums & attracts true love.

Fertility Oil contains Clary Sage, Rose Geranium, Angelica & ylang ylang. This oil is wonderful for regulating hormones, easing menstrual tension and increasing libido! Use with caution, may produce babies!!!

Funny side story, I was clearing my windowsill, so I would be able to place the Aromatherapy bottles in the window for a Full Moon infusion, when I found a baby grasshopper! He was so cute, I got side tracked into making a little terrarium for him to live. Then I just had to read the shamanic meaning of grasshopper…Turns out Full Moons were known to coax beautiful music out of a grasshopper, wonder if I will hear his sweet melody on Friday night. They are also bearers of Good Luck, Prosperity, Health & Fertility! How funny since these oil blends are about prosperity, health & fertility! I like to think these blends have been infused with grasshopper magic also, since he sat peacefully in his terrarium, eating clover leaves & watching me pour oils.

It took all day to make these special blends & I can only hope they last through Christmas time, because last year when I made my oil blends I sold out in two weeks & didn’t have time to make for Christmas shopping, so stock up now! Oils will be available for purchase beginning w/ this Saturday's First Degree Reiki Class.


8 Great Ways to Clear your Space!

Posted on: October 16th, 2016 by healing_arts_admin
  SOLSTICE Space Clearing Bend, OR

8 Great Ways to Clear Your Space

 Spring is a wonderful time to clear your space! 

Also, When you are starting a new project

When you first move into a new home

 after you have had an argument with someone

after an illness or death in the family

before implementing Feng Shui

Before making a big life change


  1   Clear the Clutter As Karen Kingston says in her book Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui, “Clutter is stuck energy!”  When I do space clearing for people, I always ask that they leave the clutter where it is just until we do the clearing.  Clutter tells a story in the Bagua, maybe someone is trying to get a new job, but they have old newspapers and magazines filling up their career corner, maybe they want a relationship but their dining room table which is in their relationship corner is covered with work files…Feng Shui is so psychological! Remember these simple 4 questions for each item in your house “do I love it? Do I use it? Do I need it? Does it evoke a positive feeling or make me smile?”  If you can’t answer a resounding Yes, then donate it, recycle it or trash it!  Here’s another fun way to get rid of a few things, put several things you don’t use in a box that you put out of sight for 6 months.  When you get the box out, see if you can remember each item that is in there, anything you can’t remember must not be important so you then get rid of it!   2   Clear the Space with Sound I went to the best housewarming party once, where everyone was asked to bring an instrument, rattle, sound maker, could be a rain-stick or just 2 spoons to clink together.  30 or so of us just made music (or you might say noise) throughout this newly bought home, the space felt so clear afterwards. I like to use Tibetan bells to go through a space and listen to the energy of it. When you clink the 2 bells together it should be a long chime, but in some areas of the house the chime may fall flat or dense.  That is where you need the most clearing!  Other sound tools are chimes, brass bowls, tuning forks, drums.  You can clear a space by chanting OHM, which imbues infinite, unlimited positive energy.  You can clear a space by clapping your hands (this works well at the office if you need a quick clearing after a hard meeting). Or just turn on the stereo with your favorite tunes, sing along and see how that shifts the space.   3   Clearing with the Blue Flame (fire) I call this clearing technique “the big guns” because it is reserved for clearing after a death, prolonged illness, if you sense an entity/ghost in your house or if you have just moved in and you want to clear out all that has been there before.  There is fire involved so always have a fire extinguisher, water and a blanket handy. I use a heavy duty clay pot, you could use a thick aluminum pan, but it will get hot!  Place one cup Rock Salt into your pot, pour rubbing alcohol over the salt, just enough to cover.  Place the pot in the room you wish to clear, on a fireproof surface.  Light a match and drop it into the rock salt.  A large blue flame will appear. Keep your intention on the blue flame to clear out any unwanted energies, you may ask the blue flame, “Please draw into your flame any negativity, energy, entities that do not belong here in this space, let this space be cleared by the blue flame.”  Meditate upon the blue flame imagining all negativity and unwanted energies going into the blue flame and dissolving.  When you feel the space has cleared, dowse the salt with water, using potholders bring the pot to the sink to be sure it’s completely out.    
blue flame space clearing

blue flame space clearing


        4   Smudging, Incense & Aromatherapy (Air) Smoke has traditionally been used in spiritual practices such as the incense at Catholic churches, burning sage at funeral ceremonies and sticks of incense at Buddhist temples.  The smoke can carry our prayers to Great Spirit. Sage is the most common smudge used in Native American ceremonies. I like Sage for clearing out a space, especially after a death or negativity. Sweet grass is a healing smudge and Cedar is good for grounding.  Traditionally you would use a smudge stick held over an abalone shell, using a feather to waft the smoke about the room.  You can use the burning smudge to clear yourself, using the feather to waft smoke from your feet to the top of your head. Another favorite smudging stick is Palo Santo, which means “holy wood” it comes from Peru. It is said that while Sage clears out, Palo Santo brings good things in, such as abundance, health and love. Palo Santo always gives me amazing dreams, so I like to burn it at night in gratitude for my day. You can also burn incense to clear a space my favorite is Shoyeido. Aromatherapy is a wonderful way to clear a space, either using a vaporizer or spritzer.  Lemongrass and Cedar are the best purifiers to clear out old, stagnant energy.     5   Purifying with Sun/ Moon Water O'PonoOpono
Opono'opono Blue Bottles

Opono'opono Blue Bottles

  Water like smoke has ancient spiritual properties, such as Holy Water used for baptismal, Mikveh sacred bathing ritual or the water at Lourdes that is used for healing.  Water cleansing rituals are most effective in Spring. Hawaiian Kahunas believe in placing water in blue bottles in the sunlight to create solar charged healing water (O’ponopono) that you can drink to clear dark spots on your soul.  This water can be used for clearing a space, too. Salt water is great for space clearing, place 3 tablespoons of sea salt or Himalayan pink salt (or combination) in a bowl of water.  You can sprinkle the water around your room with intention saying a mantra such as “by the power of this salt and water may this room be cleansed, let these healing waters clear this space.”  Salt water is perfect for clearing crystals or trinkets.  Epsom Salt baths are a great way to clear your body, detoxifying and renewing! A water fountain is another way to bring the power of water into your home, especially beneficial in the wealth corner. 6   Stones and Plants to clear & protect your space (Earth) Selenite Stone can be used to create a protective grid inside your home.  You place Selenite on all the windowsills and doorways within your home. Several plants are protective in nature. For outside my favorite combination is Lavender and Rosemary to protect.  Inside any plants that contain white in the leaves such as Philodendron, Dracaena, Spider plants, these will clear the air, natural oxygenators they also protect from radiation. Himalayan Pink Salt Rock lamps are also wonderful air purifiers and they produce negative ions (like a day at the beach!)   7   Sealing and protecting your space with Reiki Symbols or other meaningful symbols.  In Reiki 2 we learn traditional Reiki symbols for protecting a space and making it impermeable by outside forces.  If you don’t have access to the Reiki symbols, you can choose other spiritual symbols to protect your space, such as a cross, an Om symbol or an image of a golden rose.  Egyptians used the symbol of the beetle or cabachon to protect. All of these symbols have been used traditionally to protect a space or person.  You just draw the symbol on every window and door throughout your home, with the intention of protecting the space.     8   Bring in the Energizers Now that your space is cleared, cleaned and protected you are ready for some Energizers. Energizers are those items that uplift, stimulate energy and bring joy to your life.  Some examples are plants, lights, moving water (fountain or aquarium), flowers, art and pets.  Energizers raise the energy frequency in a home.  I personally love Peonies when it is Peony season (usually late May) I have Peonies all over my home. Peonies lift my spirits.  What lifts your spirit?   Trillium If you are interested in purchasing Smudging supplies we will be selling Sage & Palo Santo in our store very soon. We also sell a variety of Aromatherapy Spritzers, you can personalize your own blend with a choice of over 50 oils!      

Master REIKI Class level 3 6/11/16

Posted on: May 24th, 2016 by healing_arts_admin
Summer REIKI Classes @ BAHA!

Summer REIKI Classes in Bend, Oregon!

Master Reiki Class Saturday 6/11/16

only 3 space left!  You must have completed level 2 21 days prior. In Reiki level 3, you will receive an Attunement w/ the 2 most powerful REIKI Symbols!

Bring your stuffed animals & something you want to send group energy to, as we will be doing Distance Reiki as a group! Can't wait for this powerful class, what an amazing group of healers already signed up for this one!


Mother’s Day 5/6/16 Massage Gift Certificates

Posted on: April 18th, 2016 by healing_arts_admin
Mother's Day Massage Special

Mother's Day Massage Special

Mother's Day Massage Special

For everything Mom does & how much she gives,

give her the gift she really wants (& Needs) A Massage!

This Mother's day we are offering discounts on Mother's Day Massage Gift Certificates when you purchase online using the Paypal buttons below, we will mail them out promptly. Mother's Day is Sunday May 6th, so don't hesitate, purchase your Mother's Day Massage today!

If you are seeking Massage on the Saturday or Sunday of Mother's Day weekend, please give us a call because times are filling up fast & we have reserved spots just for Moms, so not available for online booking.

Mother's Day Massage Specials