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Use Health Savings Account HSA $ for Massage Gift Certificates before 12/30/15

Posted on: December 9th, 2015 by healing_arts_admin
HSA Accounts can be used to buy Massage Gift Certificates before the year ends 12/30/15!

HSA Accounts can be used to buy Massage Gift Certificates before the year ends 12/30/15!


Remember you can use your remaining Health Savings Account (HSA) remaining dollars $$$ to purchase

MASSAGE Gift Certificates

right here with our Paypal buttons & we will send it right out!

(or we can send you an invoice using SQUARE which is compatible with the HSA Credit Cards)

Gift Certificates

Gratitude Massage Contest

Posted on: November 16th, 2015 by healing_arts_admin
Post your Gratitude list to win a free massage

Post your Gratitude list to win a free massage

Gratitude opens the door to the power, creativity & wisdom of the Universe…You open the door with Gratitude.  Deepak Chopra

I am feeling so particularly grateful this Season of Gratitude which I guess culminates on Thanksgiving.  I have decided to host An Attitude of Gratitude Contest here for a FREE MASSAGE which I will pick one lucky winner from the list of comments about what you are Grateful For!

I will lead by example here:

I am grateful my radiant health, feeling more energy this Fall, for my wonderful family including a magical 8 year old who teaches me to love each and every day. I’m grateful to have work I feel passionate about & love, attracting the most wonderful clients & actually being paid my true worth!  I am grateful for my home, I call my nest as it provides such healing retreat. I am grateful for warm fires, crackling amber leaves under feet and sweet pets to cuddle. There is such an abundance to be grateful for everyday.  I’d love to hear your list & share it, let’s all focus on what we have instead of what we may want, right?

So leave your comments of what YOU are grateful for & on Plaid Friday I will pick one winner to receive a FREE MASSAGE!

(Your comment may not show immediately b/c I have a strong Spam filter which takes about a day to verify comments)

Amy Amonette offering $25 off your 1st Massage

Posted on: September 23rd, 2015 by healing_arts_admin

My massage therapy career began  in 2003 after completing a 1000 hour Holistic Health Practitioner program in San Diego, CA.

Since then, I have practiced massage at one of the top resort spas in Telluride, CO, worked in conjunction with chiropractors and physical therapists and helped to create a successful onsite employee massage program at a hospital. Prior to relocating back to the Seattle area, I owned my own massage and wellness practice for several years.

Every massage is completely customized to your individual needs and preferences. Incorporating various techniques from Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Lomi Lomi and energy work,  I work intuitively to help bring your body, mind and spirit into a more relaxed and balanced state.

I am excited to be back in the Pacific Northwest and to be able to share my love of bodywork with the good people of Seattle!

Amy Amonette Massage

Amy Amonette Massage

Labor Day Massage!

Posted on: September 2nd, 2015 by healing_arts_admin
Labor Day Massage

Labor Day Massage

Come get some down time this weekend, we’re open for Massages w/ availability Sunday & Monday!

As the Sun sets on our Beautiful Summer this weekend holds a last chance at deep RELAXATION before School starts & Fall gets busy for many of us…

Amy Amonette has openings on Sunday & I have a few openings left Monday, so come get some down time, we’re open!

Amy has been getting rave reviews from everyone she has massaged, “transformative touch” was my fave one!

beginning next week we will start our




Relaxation Day 8/15/15

Posted on: August 9th, 2015 by healing_arts_admin


Saturday 8/15/15 is Relaxation Day!

Sometimes I feel so lazy on my Sundays off but then I look at my cat & think I could be even lazier! Maybe take a cat nap, follow his lead, just do what Frankie said &


And remember Amy has a great Massage special for $33 off your first Massage with her on SUNDAYS! Of course Massage tops the list for ways to relax!  here’s some other ways:

8 Great Ways to RELAX

(see if you can accomplish all of these relaxation techniques today!!!)

    1. Massage increases relaxation by increasing oxytocin, the feel good hormone!  It also reduces cortisol, the stress hormone.  Studies have shown that getting one massage a month helps you relax and improves immune function by increasing Natural Killer (NK) cells.
    2. Walk.  Sneak out of the office or house and go for a long walk!  Walking releases endorphins, reduces stress and is my favorite way (next to massage) to relax.  Pay attention to all the sights, sounds sensations on your walk, allow yourself to be immersed and forget about anything that may have been worrying you.  Thich Nhat Hahn has this walking meditation: The mind can go in a 1,000 directions, but on this beautiful path I walk in peace.  With each step, a gentle wind blows, with each step, a flower blooms.
    3.  Garden gardening is like therapy you can eat! Grow vegetables, fruit and flowers.  There is something so relaxing about having your hands in the soil.  If all you have is a windowsill, you can still grow herbs and flowers.  It’s uplifting to see plants growing and blooming before your eyes.
    4. Cat NAPS!  Also releases Oxytocin plus Dopamine both feel good, 20 minutes is best, more than that you can mess up your sleep cycles for nighttime sleeping.
    5. Chocolate is a mood elevator!  Dark chocolate also release oxytocin, now health studies have shown it’s good for your heart!
    6. Epsom Salt Bath  Light some candle, sink into a hot Epsom Salt Bath with some soothing Aromatherapy such as Lavender, Ylang Ylang or geranium.  The Epsom Salts will soften all the fascia in your muscles, release lactic acid and detoxify you, ahhh relaxing!
    7. Mantras.  Say my favorite Mantra whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, “It doesn’t Matter!” because truly if you have your health, family is healthy, no one is bleeding, everything else really does.not.matter!  Don’t stress the small stuff, it’s all small stuff!
    8.  Breathe and Meditate….Imagine a warm,  orange colored liquid pouring into the top of your head, flowing down through your body, bathing every cell in a warm, orange glowing light, allow it to disentigrate any negativity.



Father’s Day Massage Special!

Posted on: June 14th, 2015 by healing_arts_admin

Father's Day MassageLet’s hear it for the Dad’s!!!

This Father’s Day BAHA is celebrating Father’s with a special, 60 minutes of pure bliss Massage for just $75, 90 Minutes for the Dad who really needs it, for $98 or a One Hour Reiki Session for $65.

You can purchase your Father’s Day Gift Certificate here, using our handy dandy paypal button, but please purchase by 6/18 if you would like a beautiful Gift Certificate mailed with plenty of time, otherwise thru 6/21 I can send you a digital gift card, too.