Labor Day Massage & Reiki Special!

Posted on: August 28th, 2014 by healing_arts_admin
Labor Day Massage Special

Labor Day Massage Special

This years Labor Day Massage special goes out to all the moms who have labored, whether it's been a recent actual labor of giving birth or being a stay at home mom or a working mom or a single mom!  $33 off Massage & Reiki when you purchase w/ Paypal Button below, then schedule online or call for your appointment! I tallied up all the women I gave prenatal massage to this year & it was 47 Pregnant Moms! I think we must be in a real baby boom this year! I loved getting to Reiki so many special babies & I truly believe there are some incredibly special souls coming to be babies right now. Look at the world these babies will inherit, they better be special to solve all these problems our earth faces. There is a real campaign this year to celebrate labor day as it relates to Women's Birthing Labor, is hosting a rally to Improve Birthing for all women, it is on Labor Day, Monday 9/1/14 10am-noon @ Denny Park. In keeping with this definition of Labor Day I am offering a Labor Day special for Pregnant Moms, Postpartum moms & all moms who labor in this labor of LOVE called motherhood!  Your Motherhood Labor is 24/7 with no sick days, holidays or vacation pay.   We completely underestimate the value of Mom's work in this country.  You deserve a break & as Tracy & I are both moms, too, we get it! Tracy just completed her Reiki Master level & she focuses on Fertility, Prenatal and postpartum Reiki. Purchase your Labor Day Massage / Reiki Special with this handy dandy paypal button now through 9/1/14 & receive $33. off your Massage or REiki session.  Also, this September we are offering a Back to School Special, you can take $25 off when you schedule your Massage or Reiki Monday thru Friday during school hours of 9am-2pm. No purchase required, just mention the special when you come in. THIS DEAL IS EXPIRED, CHECK OUR BLOG FOR FUTURE MASSAGE & REIKI SPECIALS!
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