NYE 2017 Free Distance REIKI session!

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2017 New Years Blessing

2017 New Years Blessing

NYE Free Distance REIKI

NYE Free Distance REIKI



New Years Eve

Free Distance Reiki!


Here are my insights for the Free Distance Reiki I did today NYE 12/31/16.  Just as I sat to begin & had only completed the opening Reiki Symbol, a package arrived from AMMA! It was this beautiful, ceremonial Buddha bowl along with 5 mini packets of ceremonial incenses for New Years, how auspicious & completely unexpected! (Especially since earlier today I synchronistically had run into this gorgeous Golden Buddha!) Already feels like 2017 is going to be an amazing, Golden year! 

This Distance Reiki goes out to all 67 of you who asked for Distance Reiki today, who follow my Reiki Tribe on Facebook, my Bend Reiki Tribe Meet UP page, Kimimi Healing Arts Facebook Page or the Bend Health Guide Facebook page! This is the largest Distance Reiki I have ever done & I could feel such strong energy coming through as if all of you had powerful Reiki straws & as I always say, the more Reiki we give, the more Reiki comes through us! Themes for this Distance Reiki were HEALTH (& recovering from illness) was #1 on the list! Followed by Improved Relationships followed by Manifesting Abundance! I always burn Palo Santo & this holy wood can help us attract the Trifecta of our desires : Health, Love & Wealth, so goes well as these were the main focuses you shared in your comments!

2017 = a 1 Vibration, New Beginnings & I am reminded in Tarot 1st card is Magician, a card strongly associated with 4 Elements of Earth used in Alchemy (Fire, Water, Air, Earth) & the Magician is a bridge between Heaven & Earth.  Infinity symbol above his head reminds us of our own infinite power to manifest! In 9 Star Ki One vibration relates to the element of Water, a free flowing waterfall of healing energy. Water is a Feminine Element, Goddess Energy is strong in 2017, divine feminine rising. One vibration is innovative & creative.

Many of you asked for healing for others, close family members & friends & one message that came through strongly was that the only person who can heal or create change within is YOU, yourself.  So often we want healing for our loved ones, we want to rescue them from their pain, but at the end of the day, it is their own responsibility to pull up their own boot straps & create healing change for themselves! Encourage your loved ones to seek out healing modalities & know that you cannot do this for them, it is their healing path, you can only encourage health.  Still, Reiki was sent to all mentioned & I hope it helps!  I saw many energetic blocks & sticky clogs being cleared as I sent this Reiki & it made me think Reiki is like light infused liquid Draino, drink lots of water all of you b/c some of you will be clearing out some really old gunk, you'll want water to clear it out, just as you would run the water in your pipes 15 minutes after using Draino! Drink Up!

Moving onto Relationships & LOVE, so much LOVE, I was using my new hot pink Venus Acutonics Fork when I sent Reiki to all the Relationship issues & call for LOVE. Nordic Goddess Freya came to mind, as one to call upon when you are trying to attract or trying to sort out your Love life, I saw her in an emerald green dress (Heart Chakra color!) bejeweled in pearls holding an infant near a river (more Water!), she is a Fertility Goddess, if you wish to improve your LOVE/Heart Chakra adorn yourself in shades of Green & call upon Freya, you can google wonderful images of her & if you call to her she will respond, trust me on this one!

Manifesting Life Purpose & Abundance: when I sent Reiki to manifesting, a clear message was "Distractions" are keeping you from manifesting your life's callings & receiving your abundance (Ironically as this message came thru my cat knocked over a cup of tea & I had to laugh, it's these silly kinds of distractions I was just sensing!) could be your family &/or relationship responsibilities pulling you away from your work or Facebook, or texts on your cellphone or even your cat!  These distractions have you feeling stuck in the mud unable to pursue your passions. Be aware of distractions robbing your time, your life, write them down pay attention. More Reiki Draino to this, to clear the blocks & create space for making your dreams a reality in 2017! A need for more solitude, time alone to get clear on what it is you are wanting to create in 2017, unplug, meditate, long walks, journaling, dreamtime, etc. Write it down, make it happen!

As I was wrapping up this Distance Reiki (a whole hour had snuck by!) I was infused with white light & it resonated with me that white is a wonderful color for 2017, new beginnings, a clean slate or how fresh & clear white snow is! I send you all this bright white light of love & blessings for your New Year, thank you for participating! I'd love to hear your insights, too! you can e-mail me at


Focus on powerful, euphoric, magical, synchronistic, beautiful parts of life & the universe will keep giving them to you!

If you are interested in learning Reiki, my next REIKI 1 Class is Saturday 1/14/16 10am-5pm

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