Best Prenatal Massage Bend Oregon

Best Pregnancy Massage Bend Oregon

Prenatal Massage in Bend

Pregnancy Massage that leaves you Glowing! 

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When you receive Pregnancy Massage at Kimimi  Healing Arts in Bend,  you can rest assured you are receiving the best prenatal care for you and your baby.   I have advanced training from Brian Utting School of Massage (BUSM) in prenatal massage, as well as being a mom myself, I know what a pregnant woman wants from her massage!

I offer sideline pregnancy massage because this is the most recommended position for prenatal massage.  Be wary of  Spas offering those tables with the holes cut out for the belly.  The American Medical Association (AMA) has concurred what most midwives and prenatal Massage therapist have known all along, those tables with the holes are dangerous because they cut off blood circulation/blood supply to the womb during a prenatal massage.

Prenatal Massage can improve your labor experience by relaxing the sacrum, low back, hips and pelvic floor in preparation for the opening and releasing that occurs in labor.  It increases blood circulation, which brings healthier blood to the baby in utero.  Postpartum massage can help support your body with the physical challenges that come from motherhood (I never realized how physical parenting could be!)

You can safely receive moderately deep massage work all through your pregnancy, it is so good for getting circulation to those muscles that might not be getting as much movement during pregnancy.   I have so many pregnant massage clients come in and tell me they went to a Spa where they were only given fluff massage, probably because the Massage therapist was not comfortable with a pregnant client and afraid of somehow hurting the mother or baby.  I am confident in my prenatal massage and I know the areas that need work: sciatic and sacral region, low back, hips, all the muscles along the spine, etc.

Reiki for baby...I love to do a little Reiki on the belly during a prenatal massage session.  This is a wonderful way for mom to tune into the baby, usually we get lots of kicks and movement during the reiki portion, I have had many moms get inspiration on names during the Reiki portion of the pregnancy massage, it's as if the baby is saying it to them right then!

I just love working with pregnant clients and I would love to be a nurturing part of your pregnancy, too!

Self care is one of the best things you can do for your baby while you are pregnant.  Massage has been shown to improve labor!

Tiffany Field PhD researcher for the Touch Institute in Department of Pediatrics led a study of the benefits of Prenatal Massage for both mother & baby. 

Massage therapy has been proven to be beneficial during pregnancy.

•     Women who received massage reported decreased depression & anxiety

•     Prenatal Massage reduced leg and back pain.

•     Cortisol levels decreased and excessive fetal activity decreased after Massage 

•     Sleep and sense of well being improved after pregnancy Massage. 

•     The rate of prematurity was lower in the prenatal massage group.

•     In a study of labors, women who received prenatal massage therapy experienced significantly less pain, less distress and their labors were on average 3 hours shorter with less need for medications!

• Massage therapy is the most common alternative therapy recommended during pregnancy. • The most important finding was the lower incidence of prematurity and low birthweight in the massaged women.•

Postpartum depression and cortisol levels were decreased in the massaged women. The newborns of the massaged mothers also had lower cortisol levels than the newborns of the control mothers.


 Reviews for Pregnancy Massage in Bend:

Pregnancy Massage Bend

Pregnancy Massage Bend Reviews

After being disappointed with a prenatal massage from a different business, I searched online for a different massage therapist. I felt so lucky and blessed to have found Terri! She's so positive and friendly and made me feel at ease. She knows exactly how to massage pregnant women, and you can tell that she loves her job. I felt so much better during and after my massage. And the Reiki that she performed on my little bambino was fantastic. If I had the funds, I would treat myself to a couple massages a week with her. I felt so much better physically and even emotionally after my session. Terri is a godsend to pregnant mommas!! Thanks so much!! - Indigo

Terri is not afraid to give you a deep tissue Prenatal Massage just because you are pregnant! (unlike the way too light touch pregnancy massage I had at a well known spa in town, the girl seemed scared!) Just because you are pregnant does not mean you can't handle a strong massage & Terri knew all the tight spots of a pregnant momma because she is a momma herself! This was the Best Prenatal Massage in Bend! I loved the hip/sacrum work & it was the first time I slept thru the night since I have been pregnant, now I am going back for prenatal massage once a week until this kid comes out (hopefully soon!)  - Kimberly


Pregnancy Massage- Babyshower Registry Ideas:

I have so many pregnancy massage clients & pregnant friends who ask what were the essential items I liked having when my son was first born...I decided to put this list together for my pregnancy massage clients and friends, complete with links to Amazon, where you can easily get any of these supplies or create a baby shower registry.

I decided to write this list of my Baby Must Haves! Some of these I was given as gifts at my baby shower (usually by moms) and I have to say some of them did not particularly excite me when I was given as a gift. Like Babylegs for instance, baby leg warmers, okay they're cute but whatever...Later, I completely understood what a gem they were b/c when you're baby wears baby legs, there is no need for pants and diaper change is a breeze! Brilliant I tell ya...

The other thing I wish I had invented : the BOPPY! My boppy was well loved & well used! I remember when I was pregnant I saw some sitcom where a the dad is watching the baby and he is using the Boppy to hold his beer and pretzels, too funny! My son loved his boppy, made breastfeeding so comfortable and other times he would lay on the floor in it.

Here's the thing no one tells you about, unless you have an awesome Doula or postpartum massage specialist like me! You will definitely want to do sitz baths postpartum, this helps speed recovery time like nothing else! I have heard horror stories of women taking weeks to months to recover down there. I was lucky enough to have this amazing sitz bath, which I did at least 2-3 times a day (trust me, it's a good excuse for some alone time, too!). By the third day, I felt mostly healed, a speedy recovery I'm told.

I loved our Moby baby carrier, for keeping baby snug in, the sexiest thing in the world was seeing my baby daddy carrying my son in the Moby, let your husband feel what it's like to be pregnant! ha ha! then jab 'em in the bladder, I'm kidding!

Sometimes you just need a place to put the baby down for a minute, so you can maybe go pee or breathe or something...that's when I loved my Moses Basket! You can bring the baby anywhere in this and just have a place for them!

but when you want a place for them and you want them to fall asleep, that's when you need the SWING!

I also loved my "Hooter Hider" it not only gives a tent like space for baby to breastfeed in privacy, but my son when nap in there when we were eating out, seemed to give him a quiet distraction free place to sleep!