Reiki for Weight Loss

Posted on: December 13th, 2013 by healing_arts_admin
Artemis 2 by Diana Comstock

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This just in, Christina Aguilera claims that Reiki helped her lose weight! A source told the National Enquirer: ''It's a Japanese method for healing the body, emotions, mind and spirit. Christina credits Reiki for putting her mind in a good place and giving her the discipline to eat healthy to maintain weight loss. She sees a Reiki Master for private sessions three times a week.'' Who wouldn't feel great after receiving Reiki sessions three times a week.  I am genuinely thrilled to hear of a celebrity taking care of herself in such a profound healing way! So often we only hear the negatives of the alcohol and drug abuse of celebrities. Can Reiki help with weight loss? Absolutely! Reiki balances the body in such a way that you will naturally crave the foods that are healthier for you.  You won't be eating a spinach salad because you have to, because you are on a diet that makes you feel deprived, you will be eating the spinach salad because your bodies innate wisdom is now making you want it. Reiki can change your body, including helping you to lose weight, in a much more profound way than dieting. I have seen clients lose weight after receiving bodywork for awhile and it comes from a deeper place within. Once they start caring for themselves, they feel better about themselves and they want to take even more care to eat well, exercise and the weight just naturally comes off! It stays off, too because unlike diets, this is a whole lifestyle transformation! Since I became a Reiki master, I just crave healthier foods, local foods of the season, that nourish my body and soul.  For instance, right now Chestnuts are plentiful, I roast them in a cast iron pan, they taste delicious, they are blood building and truly healthy for you.  I find complete enjoyment eating them! I just had a client who was telling me she is trying to give up soda.  I cannot even remember the last soda I have had, 10 years ago maybe?  Since following my Reiki path, I just don't even like that stuff! There is no deprivation, truly, it is just a preference for herbal teas, brown rice, nourishment from fresh, local foods. Are you planning to lose weight as your New Year's Resolution? It's not too late to put a Reiki Gift Certificate on your Santa's Christmas list!
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